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Mission To Save The Met Cinema

OAKHURST – When the Met Cinema closed its doors on Nov. 1, the community began asking “what can we do to help.”

Now three young men, Matt Sconce, Keith Walker and James Nelson, are teaming up to do something to save the local theater.

“We have a plan, but we’re not going public with it as yet,” Nelson told us last week. “We don’t want to put anything out there until we have our plan in place.”On Nov. 8, Sconce posted on his facebook page, “Do you want to save the Met Cinemas in Oakhurst from closing? We have a way and we need you! This will happen fast and we need the entire mountain community to be watching and ready. This will rock.

When we spoke with Nelson on Friday, Nov. 23, he said that the group has a timeline in mind, but there are many different parties involved.

Everybody is working well together, says Nelson. “The landlords and the business owners; everyone is working to iron out the details inherent in a project of this size. We are committed to coming to an agreement that will serve everyone well.”

Nelson says they’re hoping for an announcement next week, but the timeline is not set. “We have so many details that we need to work out on the business side of things, that are dependent upon everything coming together in a timely manner.”

The group says their plan is uniquely designed for this type of community, and they are very excited about moving forward.


  1. Can’t stand the suspense!

  2. I was thinking it would be great to form a co-op group to run the Met as a revival house: showing older movies, not first runs that cost a lot to rent. I have been to several revival theaters over the years and they seemed to do well. People can go to Fresno for the first run movies.

  3. Glad to hear that the met has made it with a start of membership. Can it also be an art center, live theater, poetry reading etc. Be a place for gatherings and teachings? Check out Gallery Row, Sierra Art Trails, Sierra Western Arts. Children’s theater. Lets all be creative in keeping our movies and arts in town to share.

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