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VLAT over Mission Fire - photo by Michael Olwyler

Mission Fire Grows To 650 Acres, Multiple Structures Lost

NORTH FORK — The Mission Fire has now grown to 650 acres with 0 containment, and continues pushing up the mountain through Cascadel Woods.

Multiple structures have been lost, and over 200 are threatened.

The fire has now burned into the Sierra National Forest.

Everyone has been evacuated from Cascadel Heights and Cascadel Woods. Road 233 is closed and evacuated, as are Peckinpah Acres Drive and Mission Drive.

Road 225 has been evacuated on the north side between Road 223 and Lark Lane, and residents from Lark Lane to Indian Creek have been given an evacuation advisory.

Road 225 is closed between Douglas Ranger Station Road and Lark Lane.

The fire was reported just after 1 p.m., and at last report was 650 acres at about 6 p.m.

Dozers and air tankers were quickly ordered as the fire raced up the mountain, and most of the tankers remained on a “non-divert” order until about 6:45 p.m. when two were released.

A group of residents was trapped in the meadow near the Clubhouse as the fire crossed Road 233 and cut off their only exit route. Deputies were able to safely escort them out after air resources knocked down the fire on the road.

An Incident Command Post is being established at Madera County Fire Station 11 at Old Mill Site.

PG&E has confirmed that all the power lines from Douglas Ranger Station to Cascadel have been deenergized.

Douglas Ranger Station Road has been closed to the public and the residents have been given an evacuation advisory to be prepared to leave if necessary.

There are 300 personnel assigned to the incident including 25 engines, 6 crews, 4 dozers, and tomorrow 4 tankers and 4 helicopters. An Incident Management Team has been assigned also.

A Red Cross Evacuation Center has been opened for this fire, the Railroad Fire, and the Peak Fire (which started at the same time) at Oakhurst Community Center on Road 425B.

We will update tomorrow as details become available.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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  1. I’m in favor of the death penalty for arsonists.

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