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Michael Moore Meets Oakhurst

A standing room only crowd filled Theater One to capacity at the Oakhurst Met Cinema complex Saturday night, Oct. 27, for a “Pre-Election Bringing Home the Truth Rally” staged by the Democratic Club of Oakhurst.

The evening featured a screening of “Koch Brothers Exposed,” a powerful documentary from Brave New Films outlining the extraordinary degree of influence created by a handful of billionaires injecting hundreds of millions of untraceable dollars into the electoral process this election cycle.The highlight of the event was a twenty-five minute live link-up with Academy Award Winning Film Director Michael Moore, moderated by Rock & Roll Hall of Fame DJ and Oakhurst resident, Peter Cavanaugh, who introduced Mr. Moore to the public over Flint, Michigan’s WTAC-AM/WWCK-FM in the early 80s.

Although Mr. Moore was originally scheduled to be uplinked from his home in Northern Michigan, subsequent baseball events brought about a change in plans and Michael spoke to the Oakhurst audience from Comerica Park in Detroit following Game Three of the World Series.

Along with presenting an optimistic forecast for the Obama/Biden ticket nationally, while urging an all-out effort to keep positive momentum going, Moore spent significant time endorsing the candidacy of Jack Uppal in his Fourth District Congressional race against incumbent Tom McClintock.


Peter Cavanaugh & Michael Moore Flint, Michigan (1982)

Moore stated, “My sister, Anne, lives in Grass Valley and has given me the complete rundown on this guy. She’s delighted she will no longer have McClintock as her representative due to redistricting and I can tell you with absolute certainty that you don’t want him either!”

Dr. Uppal thanked Moore for his endorsement, again calling upon McClintock to engage in an open debate prior to the election. Uppal rhetorically asked, “If McClintock’s so sure of winning, what’s he afraid of?” Moore responded, “He’s afraid of the truth! That’s why we’re here tonight!” The crowd cheered in agreement.

The Democratic Club of Oakhurst meets the first Saturday of every month at 9 a.m. at the Ol’ Kettle on Highway 41, with guest speakers, updates on news of local interest and an open exchange of ideas and opinions invited and encouraged. The general public is always welcome to attend.

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