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Madera County Draft Drought Plan Ready for Review

Friendly Reminder: The Draft Drought Plan for Madera County is Available for Review and Comment!

NORTH FORK — Madera County Community Members, now is the time to have your voices heard.

The Madera County Drought Workgroup held a meeting on Friday, May 19th, which was presented by the Zanjero Group, which was consulted to develop the Drought Plan.

This Madera County Drought and Water Shortage Response Plan (“Drought Plan”) has been developed to satisfy the requirements of Senate Bill 552 (Drought Planning for Small Water Suppliers and Rural Communities, SB 552) and to prepare the County of Madera (“County”) for future droughts and water shortages. This Drought Plan improves the County’s preparedness for and resiliency to drought in a number of key ways. First, the Plan explores the risk of water shortage for the County’s self-supplied communities, including analysis of State data and local stakeholder feedback. Second, opportunities to improve reliability through water system consolidation are considered. Third, an Action Plan is provided, including the monitoring protocols the County will use to detect water shortages and interim and long-term solutions for state small water systems and domestic wells within the County. Lastly, the Drought Plan concludes with recommendations for additional policies and actions which can further improve the County’s preparedness for droughts and water shortages.
Overall, this Drought Plan allows the County to anticipate water shortages before they occur and respond proactively, reducing the risk of drought impacts throughout the County.

To read the Drought Plan, click here. 

Comments are due by May 31st and must be sent to wnr@maderacounty.com. Let Madera County hear your thoughts!


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