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Letter To The Editor

Smallcombe for District 1 Supervisor

Rosemarie Smallcombe has the proven experience, leadership, knowledge and dedication needed to be an effective Supervisor.  She has done a good job representing District 1 and Mariposa County and should be re-elected to continue her good work.  Over the past 8 years in office she has developed working relationships with officials in key agencies responsible for addressing issues important to the residents of Mariposa County (NPS, CalFire, CalTrans, PG&E, State Insurance Commissioner to name a few).  She has been a leader at the local and state level working on wildfire prevention, tree mortality and fire insurance.  She is working on broadband issues which will help attract more businesses to Mariposa County, improve our schools, allow more people to work from home and better position the County to meet the needs of a 21st Century community.  Rosemarie also has working relationships with the hospital district and school district which are essential to our community in not only providing needed services but many well-paying jobs.

In addition to her knowledge and leadership skills, Rosemarie is very approachable and is a good listener.  I was fortunate to be at the same table with her and her husband Steve many years ago at a community event at the fairgrounds.  They were new to the community at the time and after spending a few hours together it felt like we were old friends and how fortunate for Mariposa they chose to retire here.  When it became known there was going to be a vacancy for the District 1 Supervisor many residents approached Rosemarie and asked her to run.  Luckily she accepted and was handily elected for her first term in 2014.  Rosemarie has proven herself and has done a lot of good work on behalf of Mariposa County.  There is still much to be done and with the relationships she’s built and her experience she is the most qualified and best candidate to serve as the District 1 Supervisor.  Please join me in casting your vote to re-elect Rosemarie Smallcombe.

Lisa Edelheit

Midpines Resident

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