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Kellen Rescue

Orange Roughy
This cat was recently rescued by a friend of Kellen Rescue. He was taken to Hoof and Paw where he was diagnosed with FIV (Feline AIDS), severe dehydration and an eye infection. He is currently in the very capable hands of Kellen Rescue foster parents. His name is Orange Roughy possibly because he probably likes fish – but also because (no doubt) he’s been through a rough time.

He is already beginning to plump up a bit, his eyes are open and he’s eating some solid food. Cats with FIV can live a long healthy life. They must however be kept separate from other cats to avoid infection. Infection can happen either through exchange of saliva or blood or eating from the same food bowls or fighting. FIV is NOT transmittable to humans or other animals.

We are looking for is a life time home for Roughy. He needs a very special home where he can live safely, be loved and cared for as a family member without the risk of infecting other cats. This means indoors as a single cat or in a cattery with other FIV positive cats. Is this special home yours? Or do you know of a special person that would like to adopt him – please E-mail or call us if you would like to discuss adoption of Orange Roughy. Call 559-692-2488 or e-mail if interested in adopting.

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