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Image of a microphone on stage at The Snow Line Saloon.
There's nothing better to do on a Friday night than listen to some good old country & western karaoke! Stop by The Snow Line Saloon and have yourself a blast! We'll see you there!

Karaoke Night Coming to The Snow Line Saloon

OAKHURST — Get ready, cowboys and cowgirls! The first Friday of every month will be Karaoke night at The Snow Line Saloon! Now’s your chance to show off your inner Dolly Parton or Willie Nelson!

Dates & Times: First Friday of every month, from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Image of the bar at The Snow Line Saloon.

Top 10 Tips for Singing Karaoke
  1. Choose a song you know well and that suits your voice. Practice singing it beforehand so you feel comfortable with the melody, rhythm, and lyrics.
  2. Image of people drinking at The Snow Line Saloon. Warm up your voice before singing. You can do simple vocal exercises such as humming, lip trills, or scales to prepare your voice.
  3. Adjust the microphone height and distance to your mouth. You should be able to sing comfortably without having to strain your neck or reach too far.
  4. Listen to the song carefully and follow the lyrics on the screen. Try to keep up with the tempo and rhythm of the music.
  5. Image of people line dancing at The Snow Line Saloon. Pay attention to your breathing. Take deep breaths before singing and try to breathe smoothly during the song.
  6. Engage your audience. Smile, make eye contact, and interact with the crowd to create a fun and engaging performance.
  7. Add your own style and personality to the song. Make it your own by adding your own flourishes, riffs, or vocal embellishments.
  8. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Remember, karaoke is all about having fun and enjoying yourself. No one expects perfection.
  9. Image of the music stage at The Snow Line Saloon. Be respectful of other singers. Don’t interrupt or talk over someone else’s performance, and don’t hog the microphone for too long.
  10. Finally, don’t take yourself too seriously. Karaoke is a chance to let loose and have fun, so enjoy yourself and have a great time! And since there’s no better place than The Snow Line Saloon to relax and not take yourself too seriously we’ll just have to see you there! Tell them Willie Nelson sent ya!

Image of The Snow Line Saloon.

The Snow Line Saloon
42155 CA-41
Oakhurst, CA 93644

Image of musicians playing on stage at The Snow Line Saloon.

6 Singing Tips for your Best Karaoke Performance Ever

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