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Jordyn And Lauryn Ride To Rein In Hunger

Jordyn Samper and Lauryn Martin plan a Ride To Feed Kids as their SLE project

By Lauryn Martin and Jordyn Samper —

COARSEGOLD — As part of our graduating requirements, we are responsible for completing a senior project known as the Senior Legacy Experience, which is unique to our school.

Our project entails creating an event and fundraiser, as well as working nearly countless volunteer hours for a community service project.

To make everything successful for our SLE project, we are hosting a barrel race to help fundraise for “Drive to Feed Kids,” with a special twist for barrel racers, “Ride to Feed Kids.” The barrel racing comes with $500 in added money, and the event will take place at Coarsegold Rodeo Grounds.

The organization promotes the belief that world hunger and poverty is something that does not just affect third world countries – it happens right here in our local communities every day. Hunger is the number one killer worldwide, and is something that agriculturalists have been working to solve.

We are passionate about combating this issue, while at the same time competing in an equestrian sport. For our senior project to be successful, we need your help.

All forms of financial donations are greatly appreciated, but we are also seeking prizes and other awards for our contestants. Your donation not only helps us to complete our project and host a successful event, but it also plays into local awareness of childhood hunger. Our goal is to raise awareness to combat this issue, help local school children with food insecurity, and have a fun and successful event — while also providing advertisement for our much appreciated donors.

We are excited to raise awareness of local poverty and childhood hunger through something that we love doing. We are looking for your support to help eradicate this ongoing problem. By donating to our project, you are helping the youth of the Central Valley and ensuring that the funds stay local.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jordyn at (620) 210-0075 or Lauryn at (559) 760-6676.

Jordyn Samper and Lauryn Martin are seniors at Minarets

Jordyn is currently the Chapter President for Minarets FFA and FFA Vice-President for San Joaquin Region. She is a member of the Minarets Equestrian Team, and was crowned 2016 Miss Coarsegold Rodeo Queen. Jordyn has been accepted to Purdue University in Indiana.

Lauryn is a founding member and Captain of the Minarets Equestrian Team. She is active in FFA, showing horses and pigs. Lauryn was crowned 2014 Miss Coarsegold Rodeo Princess and plans on attending Reedley College next year.  

Editor’s Note: This article was amended on Mar. 28, 2017 to reflect a new date of April 15 for this event. The event was rescheduled due to rain. The April 15 event was also rescheduled due to rain and no new date was given for the event to be rescheduled.

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