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It's Now Or Never For The Met Cinemas

OAKHURST – The Los Angeles Times will be in town today taking pictures of the Met Heroes who have been fighting so hard to save the local theater.

Matt Sconce, one of the three local entrepreneurs who have launched a plan to turn the Met Cinema into a subscription-based theater, is encouraging everyone to come out to the corner of Highways 41 and 49, between 2 and 6 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 27.“Come in costume if you want,” says Sconce, “or just come and hold a sign. Spread the word!”

As the end of the year approaches, so does the chance to save the local theater. With less than five days to go, and about 70% of the needed 3,000 subscribers signed up so far, Sconce is asking everyone to contact everyone they know for the final push to the goal.

Keith Walker Matt Sconce and James WalkerWhen the Met closed its doors on Nov. 1, Matt Sconce, James Nelson and Keith Walker, all of whom grew up in the area with fond memories of going to the movies there, were determined to save the theater.

They put their heads together and came up with the subscription-based business model where members can see every movie that plays at the theater for $19.95 a month. There are also plans for couples and families, and discounts for guests who attend with members.

Movie Heroes Inc. is now offering corporate plans on their website www.savethemet.com, where businesses can cover all or part of their employees’ Met memberships.

Dozens of “Met Heroes” have been donning costumes and waving signs at the intersection of Highways 41 and 49 for the past many weeks, urging people to stop in and sign up at the theater, or do so online. These folks are very passionate about saving the Met, and want to spread that passion to the rest of the mountain community.

Judy Zendner posted on the Met Heroes Facebook page Tuesday evening, “Just had a wonderful Christmas with family as I am sure many of you have. NOW let’s get back to work and save the Met!

“How many of you out there would love to go see a movie in OUR town? I would!!! If we don’t do something NOW, next year will be the same. NO MOVIES…. remember you will not be charged if the Met doesn’t open. SO WHY NOT? Even if all you can do is a single membership that helps….and your guest can go to the movies with you at a discount.”

The deadline is Dec. 31 to reach the 3,000 members needed, or the doors at the Met will remain closed, and Oakhurst will lose yet another piece of its character and vitality.

Visit www.savethemet.com to sign up.

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