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Image of a sign from the Fine Gold Saloon.
Do you or any of your friends or family know anything about the Fine Gold Saloon? Let us know!

History Mystery #114: The Fine Gold Saloon

Submitted by Connie Popelish, North Fork History Group.

In a 2013 interview, Bill Vanderburg told the North Fork History Group about a saloon on the east side of Road 200 that was built to straddle Fine Gold Creek. He said it was a bar and dance hall with Fine Gold Creek flowing underneath it. Then some years later, the building was washed downstream in a flood.

As a boy, Tim Allen found the wooden sign for the Fine Gold Saloon along Fine Gold Creek. He later gave it to a friend, who allowed the History Group to photograph it.

Our questions are:
  • Does anyone remember the Fine Gold Saloon?
  • What year was it built and what year did Fine Gold Creek flood and wash the saloon downstream?
  • Does anyone have photographs or newspaper articles about the Fine Gold Saloon?
Follow-Up to History Mystery #113: Carved Wooden Tools

Image of carved wooden tools. We had a lot of views and many suggestions for what the wooden tools were used for.

Thank you for your comments and emails.

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  1. Comments from SNO Facebook page:

    Janel Nielsen
    I would love to have this sign for my FineGold Retreat ????

    Emily Kratzer
    If only that sign could talk …

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