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Image of a young wallaby.
Welcome to the zoo, Joey!

Fresno Chaffee Zoo Welcomes New Baby Wallaby

FRESNOFresno Chaffee Zoo has welcomed a new baby wallaby. Tammar wallabies are born about the size of a jellybean and are then carried in their mother’s pouch for eight to nine months as they continue to grow and develop. The young wallaby is now out of its mother’s pouch and can be seen in Roo Walkabout.

Image of Roo Walkabout logo.There are about 30 different species of wallabies and they can live, on average, about 7 to 18 years. They are very similar to kangaroos, only smaller, and can reach a top speed of 30 miles per hour. Wallabies are widely dispersed across the continent of Australia, especially in the more remote, heavily-wooded locations. They also inhabit the island of New Guinea.

Completed in September 2016, Roo Walkabout is an Australian walk-through exhibit which features red kangaroos, wallaroos, wallabies, emu, and kookaburras in a unique, multi-species exhibit setting!

Image of a baby wallaby.The walkthrough portion of this exhibit is currently open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during regular zoo hours.

This exhibit is free with regular zoo admission.

About Fresno Chaffee Zoo

Centrally located in Fresno, California, Fresno Chaffee Zoo is a 39-acre Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) accredited zoo. It is home to over 200 different species and features wow exhibits—from Sea Lion Cove to African Adventure — that teach guests about animals all across the globe and the conservation efforts to protect them. The zoo welcomes over 800,000 guests annually, offering a world-class guest experience and conservation education to all who visit. The mission of Fresno Chaffee Zoo is to inspire wonder of our natural world, provide an engaging learning environment, and create a passion for conservation.

“Fresno Chaffee Zoo inspires wonder of our natural world, provides an engaging learning environment, and creates a passion for conservation.”

Image of a baby wallaby.

“My best friend was a magpie goose, and my magpie goose would follow me around, and we’d dance in the zoo together. Then I’d be covered in mud!” — Bindi Irwin


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