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Escape from Kuna: Part One

It was a great hike up into the Kuna Crest, one of our favorite places, yesterday, temperature in the mid 30’s as we started out on the Mono Pass trail. I’m posting more people pics than usual just to give you an idea of what it was like.

The water was low on the creeks, but we still were reluctant to get out feet wet.

Up through the forest heading for Kuna Lake. As usual, we had the entire trip to ourselves.


As we get through the forest, you can see the Tioga road below on the left. The temp warms and we shed coats.


Almost ten miles and seven hours of rock, rock, rock, along with the snow.


Then up steep gullies.


Candace Gregory. We all fell through the snow on occasion. Deepest snow was about hip high.


Outlet to Kuna Lake


Candace fishing in Kuna Lake.


Debra Kinkade had some luck, catching and releasing 3 nice trout.


I came across a ptarmigan. Notice his color blends with the granite and the snow. Later he will be all white, and in the summer, the color of granite.Their defense mechanism is to keep still and blend in. I almost stepped on this one.


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