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EMCSPCA's latest addition to help serve the community better!

Driving Miss Kitty: EMCSPCA’s Van Adds Services Flexibility

AHWAHNEE—Sometimes you just have to think outside the box. Or in this case, the van.

The Eastern Madera County SPCA (EMCSPCA) Animal Care and Adoption Center works really hard to make the best of limited resources and make every penny count. In particular they sought funding to provide low-cost spay/neuter availability to local pets. 

Funding Prayers Answered

A grant from CalAnimals (California Animal Welfare Association) answered that call. 

With funding in hand, another problem arose. There is a critical shortage nationwide of veterinarians available to perform the surgeries. Our local veterinary hospitals don’t have enough hands on deck to handle what’s needed. 

Innovative Thinking

That’s where the out-of-the-van thinking comes in. In consultation with CalAnimals, EMCSPCA asked about the possibility of using grant funds to get the animals to veterinarians in the central valley who have the manpower to perform high-volume spay/neuter sessions. CalAnimals agreed. But then the question arose, “How do we get 15 animals to those vets at a time.”

“Get a van.” They suggested and, further, authorized the use of grant funds to purchase it.

On May 10, 2024, the thought became reality. The Animal Care and Adoption Center purchased a 2023 Ford Transit Van from Volkswagen of Clovis.

Other Van Uses

While the primary purpose of the van is to transport community-owned animals to group spay/neuter appointments, it solves other needs, as well. It will transport Center animals as needed in the case of emergency evacuations and can be used to accomplish any other large-vehicle needs the Center has. They will be able to not only offer vouchers that pay a portion of surgeries at local vets but also transport animals to the valley for surgeries. 

Services Offered

In addition to animal transportation to the valley, Dr. Katherine Burt continues to schedule monthly spay/neuter days at the EMCSPCA Animal Care and Adoption Center, assisted by Dr. Heather Aubrey and Dr Ken Takeshita. 

EMCSPCA Animal Care and Adoption Center currently offers three spay/neuter programs, all funded by the grant from CalAnimals:

  1. A voucher program, and the EMCSPCA contribution increases starting June 1.
  2. Spay/neuter clinics for center animals as well as community-owned dogs and cats
  3. The transporting of EMC-owned dogs and cats to group spay/neuter appointments.

Thanks to CalAnimals

Center manager Jeanette Hanneman sincerely thanks CalAnimals for the opportunity to purchase this much-needed  van with funds allocated to the EMC SPCA spay/neuter program.

The Center is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm. +

EMCSPCA always needs volunteers, and donations are always welcome.

Contact Information

For further information about the EMCSPCA Animal Care and Adoption Center, contact them at 559-404-0925, or visit their website. You can also visit their Facebook or Instagram pages.

Photos courtesy of EMC SPCA Animal Care and Adoption Center.


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