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Dollar Tree Helps Strapped School

Store donations fill classrooms with supplies

O’NEALS – The first week of school was a little extra special this year for students in grade K-3 at Spring Valley Elementary School, thanks to a generous donation from the Dollar Tree store in Oakhurst’s Raley’s Center.

Because of the Chawanakee Unified School District’s tight budget, the tiny school at O’Neal’s was a little short of supplies this year for its 200 students. That’s when the Dollar Tree team stepped up to the plate and donated around $300 in school supplies to the children at Spring Valley School.

(Back Row left to right: Tessa Cohlan, Quinn Bush, Jaden Henderson, Micheal Sheller
Front Row left to right: Seth Prince, Taylor Bigelow, Ella Cohlan, Travis Henderson, Matthew Sheller)

London Properties real estate agent Sonja Henderson, whose two children attend the school, told the team at Dollar Tree that Spring Valley was quite short of school supplies. She said she would spend $50 of her own money and asked if the store would be able to match her donation. She, and the school, received much more than a mere one-to-one match, once the Dollar Tree Team swung into action.

The $300 worth of supplies included pencils, pens, glue sticks, crayons, and much more. They were all delivered during the first week of school when the students needed them most, said Spring Valley parent Sonja Henderson.

“The kids thought it was like Christmas!” Henderson said. “It’s amazing when businesses and community leaders support our schools. Our education budgets don’t seem to change for the positive but we can always get excited about people who see a need and immediately help out. Many of our families shop at Dollar Tree and we’re so grateful that they wanted to help out. The kids sure put all the supplies to good use that day!”

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  1. It’s AMAZING to hear of businesses helping out the SMALL schools and not the large schools across the nation.

    I absolutely LOVE THIS!!!! My child goes to a different school but Dollar Tree will be getting a “Thank You” card from me for being an KIND and EDUCATION SUPPORTING LOCAL BUSINESS! :-]

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