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Image of Cleon Jones.
Cleon Jones lost his home (and his dog) to a house fire on October 30th. Please lend a hand to help him rebuild his home!

Disabled Army Veteran Seeks Help After House Fire

MOUNTAIN COMMUNITIES — A disabled Korean War veteran and resident of the community for over 60 years, Cleon Jones is in desperate need of assistance after a house fire left him and several family members homeless.

Cleon, a former publisher of the Sierra Star, lost his home (as well as his pet dog) on October 30th to a house fire. Unfortunately, he did not have fire insurance and is now in need of repairs and volunteers to help him clean up and repair his home. His sister and her two small children were also staying with him at the time and are also now homeless.

Cleon is currently staying in a hotel thanks to donations from friends and family, but wants to return home. Before he can do this, however, there is a very large amount of needed cleanup and repairs.

Image of the Central Valley Community Bank logo. A GoFundMe page has been established, as well as a donation account at Central Valley Community Bank.

The bank account number is #011034947.

For more information, please contact Beth Jones at 559-642-8012 or via e-mail at twistedsister@sti.net.

Image of the Cleon Jones flyer.



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