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Cyber-Sports Cafe Serves A Mean Burger

What’s new at Mountain Mayhem?

If you haven’t been to Mountain Mayhem lately, or if you’ve never been, you should make it a point to get there soon. You will be pleasantly surprised.

I spoke with owners Chris and Vali Short about how their business has grown and evolved, and grabbed a quote from their website.

“What are we you ask? We are a Unique Family Restaurant, Sports Cafe, Game Center, Video Game Retailer, Internet Cafe, Rootbeer Brewer, Geek/Techie Knowledge Center, Video Game Acessories Dealer, Live Music Venue, Public Computer Access Facility, Tourist Trap. Come find out for yourself! There’s always something to do at Mountain Mayhem!”

Of course you can stop in and check e-mail or facebook, play an online game or any of the other things you expect to do in a cyber café, but you can also do many things you wouldn’t expect to do. Have a glass of wine or beer while watching a sporting event, get some peace and quiet while you read by letting your kids play an online game, have lunch with friends, or grab a quick bite before a movie.

There are many things going on that cater to people of all ages, and new ideas are popping up all the time. Mountain Mayhem hosts “All Nighters” where the kids get a wrist band, the doors are locked at 10:00 p.m. and do not open again 7:00 a.m. The kids have a great time, with different groups playing the same online games. It’s the perfect way for young people to do what they like best in a safe, well-monitored environment. Chris says about 3:00 a.m. things start getting quiet so they begin having contests, with one of the favorites being the nacho-eating contest.

Mountain Mayhem buys and sells used games and also sell new controllers. Why go to Fresno when you can get it here? Save yourself the trip and support your local business.

A new feature is Pay-Per-View Sports. On July 7th they featured a UFC fight and the charge was only $3.00. They estimated about 60 people attended. In the fall they will feature NFL Sunday ticket which will be great for football enthusiasts. Can you say SUPERBOWL?

They also offer something you can’t find in too many places – an opportunity for local musicians young and old to perform, and a nice venue for their family, friends and fans to come out hear them play. They hold concerts up in the loft, and also feature semi-pro gaming tournaments. How about planning a birthday party?

Chris and Vali say they think that people may misunderstand what their business is all about, beginning with the front window, which soon will be repainted because of negative comments they have received about the look. The windows need to be covered to keep the glare off the computer screens so they hired a local art teacher to do the painting, which looks like stained glass on the inside.

“Some people may have gotten the wrong impression about who and what we are. We are a family place. When we first opened we did have issues with a group of young people who wanted to hang around outside, but with help from Ernie at Me-n-Ed’s next door, that is no longer a problem.”

Chris related a story about an older couple that was prompted to come in on a recommendation from a friend who raved about their burgers. After the meal they said they were surprise because they didn’t see any kids with long greasy hair hanging around. Most people probably don’t realize that they serve food. I must say I am a Chili Fry connoisseur and they get my stamp of approval. Also if you need one of those delicious deep fried burritos you know where to go.

Mountain Mayhem has grown a lot from their beginnings as a cyber café, and that has helped them have continued success. Chris and Vali say they have a difficult time putting a name on what their business has evolved into because they continually try out and add new things. Stop in, say hi and see for yourself.

They are located in the Raley’s Shopping Center next to Me-n-Ed’s Pizza. Map

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