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Detwiler Fire on Highway 140 - photo by Chris Hernandez

Coulterville And Greeley Hill Being Evacuated Ahead Of Detwiler Fire

MARIPOSA COUNTY — The Detwiler Fire, now over 45,000 acres, is making a run toward Coulterville and Greeley Hill.

The Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office has just issued an evacuation order for the following areas:

  • Greeley Hill Road from Dogtown Road in Coulterville to Dogtown Road near Bowers Cave in Greeley Hill
  • All roads between Greeley Hill Road and Texas Hill Road

Red Cross Shelter Evacuation and small animal shelter is located at the Groveland Community Center at 18720 8th Street in Groveland.

Power lines down on Highway 49 near the Bagby Bridge are presenting even more danger to firefighters racing to the Coulterville area.

Back in Mariposa, Jordan Motta, Cal Fire spokesperson, says over 5,000 homes are threatened, and their major issue is spot fires. Wind-driven embers fly out ahead of the fire, landing in receptive fuels and creating new fires.

Motta says there have been requests for substantial additional resources, including strike teams of engines, dozers and crews.

Fire will generally die down a bit overnight as temperatures drop and humidities rise, giving firefighters a chance to get out ahead. However, this fire grew substantially overnight, demonstrating fire behavior many haven’t seen in many years.

Humidity this morning was reported at just 14 percent, and with temps rising toward 100 degrees and afternoon winds, conditions will present firefighters with yet another hard day on the lines.


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  1. We are elderly and my husband is not able to move around anymore so here we are located in downtown Coulterville with a weed free yard but the owner across the street has 4 feet tall weeds on his yard. Now I have noticed ashes falling down and am wondering if these ashes fall on the dry grass across the street and starts another fire, what do we do then? I have been asking Cal Fire to get him to clean it up, but to no avail. I can not go outside to water my house down as someone suggested I do; as I would be exposed to the particulate matter in the air and I could develop health problems.

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