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Corsican Wildlife

A wild “boar” (sanglier) spots me in the mountains of Corsica:

It moves in further for the attack:

Corsican wildlife2

but fortunately decides to wallow a bit instead:

Corsican wildlife3

Evidently these are free range pigs, because they were out in the middle of nowhere with no farm or farmer in sight:

Corsican wildlife4

This real wild boar. Must have been a road kill for someone to leave the pelt draped over a fence. I was happy not to come across a live one on a hike.

Corsican wildlife5

On a cliff face we came across Capra Aegagrus Hircus:
Corsican wildlife6
Corsican wildlife7
Maybe the subject line should have been “Corsican non-wild-life.”
Corsican wildlife8
Cowgirl Pat, rounding up the herd:
Corsican wildlife9
Well, this lapin (as the French call it) is in Provence, not Corsica, but he fit into the theme so I threw him in the mix:
Corsican wildlife10
He’s got an itch:
Corsican wildlife11

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