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Corrine Fire Update Saturday Morning

NORTH FORK – The size of the Corrine Fire, burning just south of North Fork, as been reevaluated and is now being reported at 700 acres, still with only 5 percent containment.

Road 222 is still closed between Road 200 and the San Joaquin River, and Road 225 remains closed between Cascadel Woods Road 233 and the Indian Creek Trailer Park.

Residents only are being allowed in with identification from Road 200 to Corrine Lake Road.

Everyone is asked to be patient about road closures and evacuations, as this fire is far from out. The situation will be reassessed throughout the day to determine if it is safe to allow residents return.

“It’s no joke out there,” Cal Fire Division Chief Rich Drozen told the troops at the morning briefing. “It’s burning like late August or September with the drought and the bug kill. We need to hold onto all the progress made in the last 24 hours.”

Though skies were much clearer this morning over town, the fire is still very active.

Crews were warned about the potential for torching and spotting, evidenced by the spot fire yesterday that sparked nearly a mile-and-a-half from the main fire.

Firefighters will be focusing much of their attention on the northeast perimeter today and working to complete hose lays and fire lines.

Air Attack was over the fire at 8 a.m. this morning, and will be joined by three helicopters and at least two air tankers.

Expectations are for temperatures over 100 degrees and very low humidities.

An Incident Command Post has been established for the Corrine Fire at Minarets High School in O’Neals.

There are currently 1,930 personnel assigned to the incident, with 104 engines, 44 crews, 16 dozers and 14 water tenders.

So far three outbuildings have been lost; there are no reports of injuries, and the cause of the fire remains under investigation.

The public is urged to be cautious about large equipment moving to and from the firelines. If you see one engine coming, there are likely four more behind it, as strike teams consist of five, plus any overhead and support units.Corrine Fire Map 6-20-15

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