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Cops Locate Large Pot Grow While Patrolling Repopulated Detwiler Area

MARIPOSA COUNTY — A sparking transformer in the repopulated area of the Detwiler Fire led law enforcement to a large marijuana grow where the residents were reportedly stealing electricity to power their growing operation.

On the evening of July 25, mutual aid law enforcement units patrolling the repopulated areas of the Detwiler Fire, came upon a sparking power transformer near a residence on East Whitlock Road.

PG&E arrived on scene and discovered the residence was pulling more power than the transformer could handle, causing the arching power lines. PG&E continued to investigate and discovered the meter had an electrical bypass.

Mariposa County Sheriff’s Units responding to assist in the investigation located numerous marijuana plants. Due to the late hour, the Sheriff’s Office maintained security of the residence until a search warrant for the residence was obtained.

On July 26, deputies from the Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office, along with assisting agencies present for the Detwiler Fire, served a search warrant at the residence and eradicated a total of 1,013 marijuana plants, both inside and outside of the residence.

The occupants of the home had converted numerous rooms into indoor marijuana growing operations and were bypassing the meter to acquire power, says the Sheriff’s Office.

“Not only were these subjects illegally growing marijuana but they were stealing power to do so and nearly started another fire in an area that was recently repopulated after the devastating Detwiler Fire.”

The Sheriff’s Office does not say in their Facebook post what if any charges may be filed, but we will follow up with them.

(Photos Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office)

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