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Coolwater Concerts Are A Labor Of Love

AHWAHNEE — When Robin Ralston moved to the mountains from the big city, there was only one thing she missed – an abundance of really great live music.

“Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of fantastic musicians here,” says Ralston. “But I wanted to give our community the chance to enjoy some really top-notch players from around the world, who wouldn’t normally show up in Ahwahnee!”

For the past nine years, Ralston has been opening her home, known as Coolwater Ranch, to concert-goers, and treating them to an evening of the very finest in acoustic music with such artists as Preston Reed, Gove Scrivenor,and Eric Taylor in an intimate, comfortable setting.

When asked how she gets these world-class musicians to perform at her home, Ralston says, “You get one, and then the rest show up. They say, ‘Oh, if Preston Reed played there, it must be a place worth playing.'”

Robin was busy today shopping for supplies for the concert this weekend. She pays for all the food served at Coolwater Ranch concerts, and handles the workload to produces these events, mostly on her own. It is truly a labor of love.

“Every dime of the money we take in goes to the artists,” she says. “Before the economy got so bad, I used to try to cover my expenses, but for the past 3 or 4 years, I’ve just chalked it up to trying to do something nice for the community.”

Kenny Blackwell Dorian MichaelThis Saturday, Oct. 27, Coolwater Ranch will be hosting Kenny Blackwell & Dorian Michael, acoustic guitar and mandolin that Michael labels “contemporary traditional.” This Saturday’s event will be just one of many scheduled over the next couple years:

  • Mike Dowling – January 19th 2013
  • Adrian Legg – February 23rd 2013
  • Michael Chapdelaine – March 23rd 2013
  • Mary Flower – April 27th 2013
  • Gove Scrivenor w/ Ted Jones – May 2013
  • Thom Bresh – June 22nd 2013
  • Todd Hallawell and Robin Kessinger – August 2013
  • Eric Taylor – September 7th 2013
  • Tim and Myles Thompson – October 26th 2013
  • Paul Asbell – January 18th 2014
  • George Worthmore – March 15th 2014
  • Antsy McClain – April 13th 2014
  • Chris Proctor – October 18th 2014

Reservations or passes are a must for these concerts as space is limited. Tickets are available at Mountain Feed in Coarsegold, or contact Robin directly at 559-760-1134 or e-mail info@coolwaterconcerts.com

The ranch is located in Ahwahnee, just ten minutes from Oakhurst at 45680 Forest Ridge Drive.

Just a few house rules attendees are asked to follow:

1. Please, No Alcohol, Drugs or Smoking!
2. Admission is free but there is a suggested donation for the artist of $20 to $25.
3. No children under 16.

Call Robin today, space is filling up fast!

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  1. These concerts at Coolwater Ranch are one of the best kept secrets on the hill. I highly encourage you to attend one and you will be hooked!

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