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Chevron Fire Was Caused By A Vehicle

COARSEGOLD – The fire dubbed the “Chevron Fire” that snarled traffic on Highway 41 near Road 417 yesterday was caused by a vehicle, according to Cal Fire investigators.

Pieces of a catalytic converter that had come apart were found along the roadway at the five different ignition sites. As the converter broke apart, super-heated fragments were spewed out into the dry grass, sparking fires as they landed.

Motorists are reminded once again to keep their vehicles in good operating condition, be very cautious when pulling off the road onto dry grass, don’t allow chains to drag when towing trailers, keep a fire extinguisher onboard, and never throw cigarettes out the window.

The 2-acre fire started just before 3 p.m. on Wednesday, June 1, and reduced traffic on Highway 41 to one lane for over four hours.

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