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California Transportation Commission Approves State Funding

MADERA COUNTY–The California Transportation Commission (CTC) approved State Route 99 (SR 99) State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP) funding to fully fund the gap closure of SR 99 in Madera County from Avenue 7 to Avenue 12 at Thursday’s March 22-23, 2023 meeting. As a result, the Madera County region will receive an additional $54.7 million in State funds for this critical project, improving traffic congestion, goods movement, and safety.

Image of Supervisor Robert Poythress.

Supervisor Robert Poythress.

The CTC approval of over 54.7 million dollars to complete the Madera South project is a game changer by creating safer driving conditions and improving goods movement between Madera and Fresno, and businesses and residents statewide. I appreciate the efforts of Caltrans, the CTC, the Madera County Transportation Commission, and most importantly the citizens of our great State to advance this project.

–Madera County Supervisor Robert Poythress

The SR 99 South Madera Project funding and description are as follows:

  • The Project is on SR 99 north of the Madera County line, south of Avenue 7 to the north of Avenue 12 (8 miles).
  • This project will improve goods movement and passenger travel along SR 99 by closing an existing gap and finishing six lanes. This project closes the 8-mile gap and provides a continuous 70-mile 6-lane Freeway facility starting in the south in Tulare County, continuing through Fresno, and ending in Madera County.
  • The project will rehabilitate approximately 23 lane miles of payment, and upgrade drainage, construct drainage basins, add a median barrier, add an auxiliary lane, and increase vertical clearance at one structure.
  • This project will also incorporate electric vehicle charging infrastructure that will further support greenhouse gas reduction targets in a non-attainment air quality area.
  • The gap closure of SR 99 from four to six lanes will be accomplished by adding a lane in each direction, primarily within the existing median in both the northbound and southbound travel directions.

Funding for the project is comprised of the following local and state funding sources:

Local Funds – Measure T: $ 9,000

Local Funds – Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental

Appropriations Act: $832,000

Prop 1B State Route 99 Bond Program Savings: $3,060,000

SB-1 Trade Corridor Enhancement Program: $4,659,000

State Funds: Interregional Improvement Program: $48,313,000

State Funds: State Highway Operation and Protection Program: $54,700,000

Total: $111,573,000

A California Transportation Staff Report link is available on the Commission’s website here.

The Madera County Transportation Commission (MCTC) is comprised of the cities of Chowchilla, Madera, and Madera County. MCTC is the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), the Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA), and the Transportation Authority for the Madera Region. MCTC addresses regional transportation issues.

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