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Scouting is family, fun, friends, and a lifetime of adventure! It’s the place where young people can grow to become their very best future selves. Read on to learn more about joining!

Boy Scout Troop 357 to Hold Special Recruitment Night

NORTH FORK — North Fork Boy Scout Troop 357 will be holding a special recruitment night on Monday, October 24. The event will take place at the Scout Building which is located near the Town Hall in North Fork.

The special event begins at 7 p.m. and runs to 8:30 p.m.

The event will be held at 32996 Road 228, in North Fork.

All boys from age 11 to 17 are eligible to become Boy Scouts.

Image of the Columbia Wells Fargo office.

Columbia Wells Fargo office.

Boys as young as ten and in the 5th grade are also welcome to become Boy Scouts.

Parents are encouraged to come with their sons and learn about what Boys Scouts has to offer.

Scouts learn many skills that can come in handy later in life including first aid, cooking, camping, map and compass.

Scouts learn about the value of being a good member of the community by taking part in activities that improve our local area including tree planting and road clean up.

Image of Railtown 1897.

Railtown 1897.

The North Fork troop likes to go camping, swimming, hiking, and backpacking into the wilderness. Each summer the troop spends a week at Camp Chawanakee Boy Scout camp on the shores of Shaver Lake.

Over the past few years, some of the more interesting places the troop has gone include camping trips to Death Valley, Bodie ghost town, and Morro Bay.

Image of the Castle Air Museum logo.The Scouts have visited the Castle Air Museum and more recently took a day hike to the Hites Cove mining site on the Merced River.

This past month the troop visited Columbia State Park and rode the steam train ride at Railtown 1897.

For more information call Dave Smith, Scoutmaster, at 559-877-2186 or via e-mail at cocomax@aol.com.

Some photos from past events and excursions
Image of Eagle Scout Jeremiah.

Jeremiah Stott receives Eagle Scout award, September 2019.








Image of a camporee lashing event at Kearney Park, March 2019.

Camporee lashing event at Kearney Park, March 2019.

Bodie Church

Bodie Church

Image of Hazard Bay.

Morro Bay, Montana de Oro State Park, April 2022.

Image of Pan Mill site Hites Cove.

Pan Mill site Hites Cove.

Image of Chain Lakes.

Chain Lakes.

Image of Castle Air Museum.

Castle Air Museum.

Image of Camp Chawanakee.

Camp Chawanakee.

Image of Death Valley.

Death Valley.

Image of Hazard Bay Montana de Oro.

Hazard Bay Montana de Oro.




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