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Another Escaped Burn Calls Out Firefighters

AHWANHEE – Just as firefighters were mopping up an escaped burn fire in the North Fork area, another one got away just north of Ahwahnee.

The Ahwahnee incident was located on Crooks Mountain Road, and though it was stopped at one-eighth of an acre, it serves as yet another crucial reminder of the dangerous fire conditions in the mountain area, how dry the vegetation is, and how quickly a fire can spread, especially with even a light breeze.

Cal Fire Prevention Specialist Karen Guillemin-Kanawyer reminds everyone that this is a very critical time of year, and that “a wildland fire is in your hands.”

“The public must make sure they have excellent clearance around all of their hazard reduction burning projects. It is vital they be at the burn pile with a shovel and a water source at all times.”

She also emphasizes the dangers of sparks that rise off your burn pile.

“Remember that embers can travel miles, so what you see flying into the air can start a fire miles away from your location,” says Guillemin-Kanawyer. “The fuels are already dry and your fire will creep and burn any and all surrounding vegetation.”

As for debris burning this time of year, she says, you have to ask yourself – “Is it worth it?”


  1. Get with it Cal Fire. If conditions are such that fire can readily spread, why even give landowners the opportunity to make a mistake? Shut down burning now!

  2. Oh come on John, quit using so much common sense. Cal Fire has to justify their existence and the Fire Tax (not a fee). I wonder how many burn piles old Karen the fire expert has lit off. Just another Cal Fire Admin job wasting tax dollars.

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