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Your Back To School Photo Album

MOUNTAIN AREA — Alarm clocks went off early last week and continue to do so this week too, as kids across the have districts started back to school.

We asked parents to send in first-day pics and you did. The SNO community sends a big “thank you!” to all the kids, parents, teachers, staff and administrators who make school happen every day. You are appreciated!

Justin DenBeste sent in a photograph of his adorable and well-prepared son Kaleb DenBeste, age 4. Kaleb started Kindergarten at Wasuma Elementary. Good luck, Kaleb!

Back to School Kaleb DenBeste  Alec Greenwood 2013Justin also sent in a picture of Kaleb and his best buddy Alec Greenwood on their first day at Wasuma. How lucky they get to sit together!

For more information about Wasuma School, home of the Wildcats, check out their Parent Teacher Association (PTA) page along with the school website.

The Wasuma PTA meets on the first Tuesday of every month from 2:45 – 3:45 p.m. and welcomes new members.

Back to School Makenzie Sconce age 5 submitted by Healther Sconce 2013Also in Kindergarten at Wasuma this year is Makenzie Sconce, age 5, daughter of Heather and Matt Sconce.

Her mom Heather forwarded this photo, adding, “[Makenzie] said her dreams were coming true because she got to go to school,” says Heather.

I pray she never loses that excitement to learn!”

We believe her love of learning will grow and predict she also retains that fashion sense.

Kids across the mountain traded in their bare feet and flip-flops for real shoes (at least the younger kids did).

As far as Makenzie is concerned, we especially like the bright pink bows with elegant black shoes and leggings, and the way she rocks the hot pink zebra stripe backpack, too. Way to go Makenzie.

Back to school Joram Davis submitted by Grandma 2013Kindgergartners aren’t the only kids who started climbing the ladder of school rung by rung.

Preschools including the one at Yosemite Lakes Community Church are open for business, too.

In the meantime, Patti Hooker sent in two pictures of her grandson Joram Davis, age 3 1/2, whose parents are Matt and Deanna Davis.

Joram started his first day of preschool at Yosemite Lakes Community Church.

So, what did he do after school?

Any mom or dad or grandparent who remembers those first days of preschool and kindergarten will also recall that the kids are properly exhausted afterwards. Joram was no exception.

Back to school after school Jorem Davis submitted by grandma 2013According to Grandma, he “passed out on the ride up to Oakhurst to grocery shop after all the fun he had!” Patti adds, “Joram is a blessing to our family!’

For more information on YLCC preschool take a look at their website.

Oakhurst Elementary School was open for business and taking new customers, too, and also has a very active Parent Teacher Club. For more information go to their website.

Lenna Pavelich sent in a really cute picture of her daughter and daughter’s buddy on their first day of Kindergarten at OES.

Back to School My daughter kaydence Dion left and her buddy alana randrup right both 5 yrs oldBoth girls are 5 years old. Lenna’s daughter Kaydence Dion is on the left and Alana Randrup is on the right. Stick together girls, you’re going to have a lot of fun!

Also on board and ready for her first day of Kindergarter at OES was Riley Dunbar, whose mom Nikki Lewis sent in this beautiful shot of Riley holding her tell-tale chalkboard. The future is looking bright for mountain area kinders!

First Day of School with Riley Dunbar - photo courtesy of Nikki LewisDo parents continue to take pictures every year as their kids get older or does interest in that sort of thing peak around the time naps go away?

The answer is: yes parents DO continue to take pictures even as the kids grow up.

That’s at least true in the case of Coarsegold Elementary mom Jamie Trippett.

Back to School Jamie Trippett sent in this pic of her son Thomas age 12 Grade 7 - Coarsegold - 2013She offered us this photograph of her son Thomas Trippett all ready for his first day of 7th grade, age 12.

Coarsegold Elementary School, home of the Cougars, has it’s own website, too.

Here’s a trio of charmers posing together, incuding two sisters and one neighbor.

Backt o School Fries girls and neighborIn a photo sent in by Jane Fries, and taken by her neighbor Nikki Lewis, pictured is Grace Fries, 12, 7th grade at Oak Creek Intermediate, along with little sister Emma, 9, who started 4th grade at OES.

Also posing with the sisters, at the head of the line, is Nikki’s daughter Riley Dunbar, age 5, whom we’ve already seen is heading to OES Kindergarten.

High school student Kevin Kirk started his first week as a Sophomore at Yosemite High School and his mom Laura Kirk sent in this photo of Kevin, age 15.

Back to School Kevin Kirk - Coarsegold - 2013This SNO writer’s daughter Clara Briley, age 15, also started her Sophomore year at YHS, leaving said writer shaking her head, wondering where the time has gone.

Yosemite District has a new website and the new YHS website is still in development.

Clara Briley first day of schoolOne thing for sure, our kids are lucky to be growing up in the mountains and we’re all ready for another great school year in the foothills.

Study hard, play hard and stay safe!

It’s not too late to send us your photographs.

We are always on the lookout for stories about schools and kids, so take a chance and use your Smartphone to send us photos with a little blurb and we will publish your everyday victories.

Send photos and stories to and we’ll see you online.

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