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Young Masters Art Show

The patio at Plaza 41 in Oakhurst was decked out in an array of color this past weekend, as the talented local artist displayed their works in the 8th Annual Young Masters Fine Art Show.

Young Masters 2012 Sign

Joan Constable, called “Connie” by her friends, and “Mrs. C” by the students to whom she dedicates so much of her life, says the constant response every year from visitors is “Wow!”

It started many years ago when Joan began sharing her love of art and teaching kids from Eastern Madera County schools in her Burning Brush Art Studio in North Fork. Some were home-schooled, others enrolled in the public schools in the area.

“I taught all my students that the artwork is just halfway to presentation. I wanted them all to learn to frame and mat so they could exhibit their work the way they do in a gallery setting.” And they have learned well.

Through the 8 years of the Young Masters Fine Art Show, her young artists haveYoung Masters 2012 display board consistently taken top awards. This year, there was a three-way tie for the People’s Choice Award. Anya Smith of North Fork, Abby Boatman of Coarsegold, and Annah Buchoff of Madera tied for that coveted prize.

This year, once again, Burning Brush students won lots of 1st and 2nd place ribbons, making it a very exciting weekend for the students, and definitely for the teacher.

In addition to teaching in her North Fork studio, Joan also teaches high school art at the Chawanakee Academy in O’Neals.

There were 43 entries and the winners were as follows:

DIVISION I – Grades 1-4

DRAWING: 1st “Club House Fun” by Mariah Harrell

2nd “Chalk Flower” by Mariah Harrell

3rd “Living the H2O” by Elva Gurule

PAINTING: 1st “Gold Rush” by Abby Boatman

2nd “Beautiful Birch” by Daphne Christensen

3rd “Evening Landscape” by Claire Palsgaard

SCULPTURE: 1st “Escape” by Abby Boatman

2nd “Before the Once-er” by Elva Gurule

3rd “Michael and Mia” by Willow Dobson


DRAWING: 1st “Fourth of July Dresses” by Dannika Anstead

2nd “Mountain Lion” by Jakob McFarland

3rd “Buffalo” by Cedar Dobson

PAINTING: 1st “Shells” by Cedar Dobson

2nd “Marshes” by Anya Smith

3rd “Crazy Hearts” by Claire Palsgaard

SCULPTURE: 1st “Jessie” by Anya Smith

2nd “Rose and Violets” by Skylar Wayte

PHOTOGRAPHY: 1st “Running Shoes” by Carson Sloas


DRAWING: 1st Lumi Valhomen” by Laurel Samuelson

2nd “Bobcat” by Adam Scott

PAINTING: 1st “Half Dome” by Onya Talmachoff

2nd “If There Was a Fall” by Annah Buchnoff

3rd “Waterfall Heights” by Onya Talmachoff

SCULPTURE: 1st “Spirit of the Forest” by Annah Buchnoff

2nd “Sun, Moon, Mask” by Onya Talmachoff


RYLE SULLIVAN for her painting “The Parrot” In Div. II

PEOPLE’S CHOICE: Three-way Tie

ABBY BOATMAN for her painting “Gold Rush” in Div. I

ANYA SMITH for her painting “Marshes” in Div. II

ANNAH BUCHNOFF for her sculpture “Spirit of the Forest” in Div. III

All four (Best of Show and People’s Choice Winners) are invited to show (non-competitively) with Yosemite Western Artists in their Annual Competitive Art Show.

JUDGES for this year’s show:

Jerry Bosworth, Vivian Capone, and Micki Hart,

all of Yosemite Western Artists.

CHAIRMAN: Joan Constable, owner of Burning Brush Art Gallery.

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