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Young Mariposans: Start Composing

MARIPOSA – Ever imagined what it’s like to compose a work of true, full-blown orchestral art and having it performed by a full symphony orchestra?

For the past many years, the Mariposa Symphony Orchestra’s “Young Master Composers Celebration” has been making that dream come true for many young Mariposans.

The Mariposa County Arts Council Inc and the Mariposa Symphony Orchestra announce the opening of their “Young Master Composers Celebration” for 2015. The celebration is an annual competition in which Mariposa County residents aged 8 – 18 are challenged by the MSO’s Founding Music Director/Conductor Les Marsden to compose their very own “classical” music.

One winning young composer is selected in each of three age categories and those three Mariposans will each be awarded $50 and the opportunity to hear their own music performed live, in concert by the Mariposa Symphony Orchestra, which now numbers over 60 musicians.

The “Young Master Composers Celebration” educates by doing: the contest’s guidelines explain Sonata Form, the most basic, most important form of “serious” or “art” music. Following this simple outline makes it easy for students with a basic understanding of music reading to attempt their very own “classical” masterpiece.

Marsden’s goal is not only to engage Mariposa County youth in the world of classical music by making it very accessible, clear and enjoyable, but to educate at the same time. Marsden adjudicates all entries and selects those which best meet the criteria for each year’s contest. He then orchestrates the winning compositions, which will be performed this year in their world premieres at the Friday, July 3, “Independence Day Spectacular!” concert of the MSO at the Amphitheatre at Mariposa County Park.

Full entry guidelines and the required entry form are available online at https://tinyurl.com/MSOYM2015 and are also available at the Mariposa County Arts Council at 5009 Highway 140 in Mariposa (top floor of Chocolate Soup.) MCACI’s office may be reached at (209) 966-3155. All entries are due with NO exceptions by 4 p.m. on Friday, May 15, in the Arts Council’s office.

The chance to hear one’s very own music performed by a full symphony orchestra, in total orchestral splendor? It’s an opportunity not many children have, and an almost unheard-of one for a county as small in population as Mariposa. Please help spread the word, sharpen the pencils: and let the imagination soar. Visit http://tinyurl.com/MariposaSO for information about the orchestra’s upcoming April 25 and April 26 concerts in Mariposa and Yosemite.

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