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Yosemite Holiday Craft Bazaar

YOSEMITE – We headed up to Yosemite Valley to check out the annual Yosemite Holiday Craft Bazaar in Curry Village.

The place was packed with all kinds of artists. There were so many beautiful products for sale. Photographers, paintings, and watercolors of Yosemite and the surrounding mountains, waterfalls and animals were there for you to look through but it was hard to pick favorites because there were so many amazing ones.

Yosemite Holiday Craft Bazaar 2014 brochure - photo by Candace GregorySome gorgeous jewelry was also on display. Some were made of gems, some displayed symbols of mountains, trees or other mountainous icons. One of my gang purchased a beautiful mazanita and oak lamp.

And of course, there was the food. Homemade goodies such as pies, cookies and candy were available, along with a Taco Bar lunch.

A warm fire in the fireplace greeted us when we entered Curry Village’s Pavilion.

Yosemite Holiday Craft Bazaar 2014 - satisfied shoppers - photo by Candace Gregory

The first stop we made was to one of my most favorite photographers of the Yosemite area, Kristal Leonard. I am always amazed at her beautiful photographs and some of us made some purchases.

We talked with her about several of the photographs and she provided some insight into how she captured that unique shot. Of course, we also just had to get our picture taken with her.

Yosemite Holiday Craft Bazaar 2014 - scozy handmade gifts - photo by Candace GregoryWe stopped by the booth that Artifacts had and I admired some beautiful knitted items to keep your hands and arms fashionably warm. They were gorgeous. They had many items from all over the world, including jewelry.

How could you not admire the beautiful crochet work that this lady was doing. She had shawls and covers of all colors laid out. And her husband was offering Chair Massages right next to her!

Yosemite Holiday Craft Bazaar 2014 - artist with her handiwork - photo by Candace Gregory

We had a very hearty lunch at the Taco Bar, with the proceeds benefiting the Yosemite National Park Child Care Center. We then regrouped, taking a final trip through the vendors where we made a few more purchases. What a fun day!

I didn’t even hit the tip of the iceberg with the many vendors there. If you missed this event this year, I highly recommend going next year. Here is a link to the event’s Facebook Page where they’ve set next year’s date for Friday, Dec. 4, 2015: https://www.facebook.com/YosemiteHolidayCraftBazaar

Yosemite Holiday Craft Bazaar 2014 sign - photo by Candace GregoryI was able to capture some websites of some of the vendors that I saw below, just in case something caught your eye. . .

Just a few of the Vendors:

Kristal Leonard’s Website: www.isntthatbeautiful.com

Artifacts Home Import Gallery Website (Located in Oakhurst): http://artifactsimports.com

Mostly Sweet Jewelry Website (They have a store in Oakhurst): http://www.mostlysweet.com

Handmade Crocheted Items by A-Chu-Chu-Mi: 5067 Hwy 140, Mariposa (209) 742-5700

Yosemite Holiday Craft Bazaar 2014 stone fireplace - photo by Candace Gregory

Yosemite Holiday Craft Bazaar 2014 visitors shopping - photo by Candace GregoryYosemite Holiday Craft Bazaar 2014 wide shot people milling about - photo by Candace Gregory

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