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YHS Water Goes Pure

Submitted by Evan Morton and Narayan Black

OAKHURST – Got water? Students at Yosemite High School are starting a legacy of pure H20, and their classmates may have noticed a new addition to Ansel Adams Hall recently, in the form of a brand new Brita Water Hydration Station.

Students and teachers will now be able to refill their water bottles with a cleaner and better tasting water source than before.

The idea for this hydration station flowed from the minds of Yosemite High School seniors Angie Du and Ericka Smith. They made it their senior project to try and eliminate the seen-everywhere small plastic disposable water bottles. As a bonus the system that they brought onto campus delivers great tasting water. The science department tested the water for softness and the results were truly amazing. The regular water on campus shows minerals at a level of 120ppm. The Brita Hydration Station filters the water down to less than 20ppm mineral content.

Yosemite High School seniors Angie Du and Ericka Smith - photo courtesy of EAST“I wanted to make a difference since this is my last year and clean water is important,” stated Angie Du, one of the seniors working on the project.

The water station cost a pretty penny, at $2000. Du and Smith had to come up with some creative ideas to earn enough money to pay for the stations.

Gathering recycling from the teachers and students and selling Yosemite High School water bottles were a few of the ways they saved up to purchase the station. They also received help from the Environmental and Spatial Tech (EAST) class at the high school, from EAST selling bottles to creating fliers for the project.

Students are encouraged to personalize their water bottles - courtesy of EAST ClassBottles are available at various businesses around town. If you can’t find one in town, you can get a bottle from the area’s new “waterboy”, also known as YHS instructor and coach, Rusty Oetinger.

Mr. Oetinger stated that he wants current and future students to come by and try out the new “High Quality H20” station on campus, but please purchase a reusable bottle first.

Yosemite High School

Evan Morton and Narayan Black are YHS students in EAST class

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