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Yosemite High School Community Awards 2017

Madera County Cattlemen/Cattlewomen and Madera County Farm Bureau award recipient Courtney Sumaya-Herrera 

OAKHURST — The theater was full, as was the stage, where nervously excited young people sat facing the audience of loved ones while their names were called during Community Awards, given to members of Yosemite High School Class of 2016 on Monday, May 8.

Principal Randy Seals greeted the students and families, expressing appreciation for the citizen and community groups and individuals who are the generous donors making the yearly awards possible. Seals said that more than $115,000 was pledged to these deserving Badgers, and pointed out that the community is making an investment in the future of the students.

YHS Scholarship Foundation chair Robert Brosi, DDS, congratulated the seniors and their families, and thanked the business community, the endowments and memorial scholarships that contribute to the annual event.

Local educator and counselor Barry Bartlett founded the Yosemite High School Scholarship Foundation in 1977.

Madera County School Board Association award recipient Katie Thompson

“We solicit donors at the end of fall,” explains the program coordinator, Jeanne Ratchford. “It seems that every year there are a few that drop off, and we always gain a few new awards. Some organizations, individuals or businesses go through the Foundation — a tax exempt non-profit 501c3 corporation — and others just give checks to the students on award night. Those that go through the foundation are claimed once at the beginning of the student’s first semester of college and the second half at the beginning of their second semester.”

The awards represent hard work and community support. They’re a big vote of confidence for the young people in their transition to the next stage of life — whatever that may be — for which they will always be grateful.

“I tell the students to always remember where they came from: a small town that cares about you and your future. We hope they remember how that makes them feel and that they will do it for someone else some day.”

Billy Vukovich III Memorial award recipients Julia Gillespie, Lauren Peterson, Emilie Jones, Riley Ashton

As the big night got underway, Dr. Brosi reminded students that what matters is not the amount of money each would receive, it’s the amount of effort that goes into raising that money by each of the organizations and people who donate. In many cases, he said, fundraising goes on all year with one goal: this very special night of giving.

In other instances, memorial awards are given out in remembrance of a loved one lost. For a variety of reasons, some of the awards come lightly seasoned with tears. Students were encouraged to put the money to good use, and with that, the evening was off to a great start.

The following awards were made to these students:

49-Ears (Yosemite-Oakhurst-Sierra) Peter McLean

Adrian Buca DDS Academic Achievement Award Trevor Peter, Gillermo Ramirez

American Legion Post 110 Georgina Royse

American Legion Auxiliary Post 110 Peter McLean

Barbara Banich Memorial Trevor Peter

Barry Bartlett Service Award Kendra Tapia

Bass Lake Lions Club Caden McCoon, Dalin Haas, Elise Keeler, Gabriela Moreno-Rivas, Kourtney Allen, Victoria Bodine, Jericolouis Garcellano

Billy Vukovich III Memorial Julia Gillespie, Lauren Peterson, Emilie Jones, Riley Ashton
Billy Vukovich III Memorial (Auto Award) Keith Woodworth

Yosemite Youth Basketball award recipients Peter McLean and Trevor Peter

Buddy Cudd Memorial Victoria Rich, Joshua Jackson

Cabrillo Club Fresno Branch Victoria Bodine

Caring on Higher Ground Riley Ashton, Delaney Potter, Peter McLean

Central Valley Opportunity Center Gillermo Ramirez

Chowchilla Western Stampede Courtney Sumaya-Herrera

Coarsegold Chamber of Commerce Elise Keeler

Coarsegold Elementary School Riley Ashton, Joseph Campbell, Gabriela Rivas-Moreno, Laura Pearson

Eakin Peirsol Memorial Award Trevor Peter

Eakin Peirsol Memorial Award Victoria Raimondo

El Capitan Education Foundation Haden Bristow, Malaya Brown, Kevin Bulawsky, Isabel Luna Dienas, Emilie Jones, Orlando Martinez Macias, Victoria Raimondo, Sonya Smith, Saavannah Vega, Adam Van Zant

Grant Mercantile Agency award recipients Delaney Potter, Markuss Graham, Thomas Lazar

Emadco Disposal Recycle Award Chloe Pieper-Wasem

Eric and Virginia Seger Memorial Laura, Pearson, Tori Nelson, Sonya Smith

Fearless Ministry, Yosemite Lakes Community Church Victoria Bodine, Laura Pearson

Frank Logar Memorial Music Award Jamie Hellwig

From Indian Lakes Jamie Hellwig, Audrey Kenison

Future Veterinarian Award Lucina Montoya

Gerald A. Smith Memorial Samantha Dedekian, Dylan Thacker, Elyse Espe, Amber Esquivel-McGee

Giving Back Evan Mortan, Natalie Neff

Golden Chain Theatre Kelly Ravel

Frank Logar Memorial Music Award recipient Jamie Hellwig

Golden Hills Dental Riley Ashton Emilie Jones, Gillermo Ramirez

Grant Mercantile Agency Markuss Graham, Thomas Lazar, Delaney Potter

Hallmark Ornament Collectors Audrey Kenison

Heart of the Mountains Award Gabriel Ponce-Carson, Stephen Camarena

Ibrahim Kabbani Memorial Jamie Hellwig

Impression Award Jericolouis Garcellano

Indian Lakes Ladies Auxilary Lucina Montoya

Jeremy Carter Memorial Joseph Campbell, Katie Thompson, Chloe Pieper-Wasem

Jimmy Phillips Memorial Sabrina King

Ladies of the Lakes Jericolouis Garcellano, Jamie Hellwig, Victoria Bodine, Kaily Neal

Live Oak Associates Hannah Scott

Madera County Arts Council Jamie Hellwig

Madera County Cattlemen and Cattlewomen Courtney Sumaya-Herrera

Madera County Farm Bureau Courtney Sumaya-Herrera

Madera County Office of Education Academic Decathlon Brandon Healey

Madera County Retired Teachers Association award recipient Sabrina King

Madera County Retired Teachers Association Sabrina King

Madera Republican Women Federated Jericolouis Garcellano

Marine Corps League Griswold Mtn. Det.#1121 Victoria Bodine, Georgina Royse

Madera County School Board Association Katie Thompson

North Fork Faculty Club Ian Pincus, Haylee Renga

North Fork Women’s Club Haylee Renga

Oak Creek Intermediate School Dalin Haas, Caden McCoon, Lauren Peterson, Gillermo Ramirez, Katie Thompson, Adam Van Zant

Oakhurst Democratic Club Emilie Jones, Adam Van Zant

Oakhurst Elementary School Thomas Lazar

Oakhurst Sierra Noon Rotary Club Victoria Bodine, Isabel McGoldrick, Jericolouis Garcellano, Evan Morton, Katie Thompson, Gillermo Ramirez

Oakhurst Sierra Sunrise Rotary Club Elise Keeler, Evan Morton, Riley Ashton, Georgina Royse
Oakhurst Sierra Sunrise Rotary Club Interact Peter McLean

Heart of the Mountains award recipients Gabriel Ponce-Carson, Stephen Camarena

Our Lady of the Sierra Women’s Guild Jericolouis Garcellano, Jennifer Springer, Isabel Luna Duenas, Ryann Miller, Gillermo Ramirez, Gabriela Rivas-Moreno

Pines Civic Council – Tom Thomas Memorial Noah West, Peter McLean, Lauren Peterson

Positive Living Center Tori Nelson

Recycle Award Ian Pincus

River Creek Golf Course Georgina Royse

Rivergold Elementary Victoria Bodine, Kaily Neal

Rodney Peter DDS and Dennis Jones, DDS Gillermo Ramirez, Riley Ashton

Sierra Ambulance-Cathy Kern Memorial Lauren Peterson

Sierra Lions Club of Oakhurst Gillermo Ramirez, Jericolouis Garcellano, Evan Morton

Sierra Masonic Lodge #788 Evan Morton

Wasuma Elementary School Jennifer Springer

Sierra Meadows Men’s Golf Club Spencer Uzzell, Hailey Abrahams

Sierra Pines Men’s Ministry Kelly Ravel

Sierra Star Laura Pearson

Sierra Tel Riley Ashton, Dalin Haas, Brandon Healey, Peter McLean, Lauren Peterson

Sierra-Oakhurst Kiwanis Club Adam Van Zant, Brandon Healey, Gabriela Rivas-Moreno, Emilie Jones

Soroptimist International of The Sierras Rylie Sullivan, Katie Thompson, Caden McCoon

Sullivan’s Tire Pros Adam Van Zant

Swortzel Trust Kendra Tapia, Ethan McCully, Odessa Pusina

Tenaya Lodge Noah West, Katie Thompson

Travis Myers Memorial Courtney Sumaya-Herrera

Veterans of Foreign Wars Victoria Bodine

VFW Post #8473 award recipients Victoria Bodine and Delaney Potter

Veterans of Foreign Wars Delaney Potter

Vision Academy of the Arts Jamie Hellwig, Thomas Lazar, Katie Thompson

Wasuma Elementary School Jennifer Springer

Wilma Ely Memorial Chandler Clarke, Natalie Bates, Matthew Roberts

Yosemite Badger Youth Football and Cheer Julia Gillespie

Yosemite Bank Julia Gillespie

Yosemite Football Boosters Adam Van Zant

Yosemite Gateway Branch Fresno Association of Realtors Hailey Abrahams, Jennifer Springer, Jacob Rousivill

Yosemite High ASB Leadership Kaily Neal

Yosemite High FFA AG Boosters Courtney Sumaya-Herrera

Yosemite High School Theater Arts Elise Keeler

Yosemite Unified CSEA Chapter 698 Keith Woodworth

Yosemite Youth Basketball Association Trevor Peter

Yosemite Youth Basketball Association Peter McLean

Yosemite High Yearbook Dalin Haas

North Fork Elementary Faculty Club award recipients Hailey Renga, Ian Pincus

Ibrahim Kabbani Memorial award recipient Jamie Hellwig

Marine Corps League Griswold Mtn. Det.#1121 award recipients Victoria Bodine, Georgina Royse

Giving Back award recipients Evan Mortan, Natalie Neff

Coarsegold Chamber of Commerce award recipient Elise Keeler

Oakhurst Sierra Noon Rotary Club award recipients Victoria Bodine, Isabel McGoldrick, Jericolouis Garcellano, Evan Morton, Katie Thompson, Gillermo Ramirez

Barry Bartlett Service Award recipient Kendra Tapia


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