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Yosemite High School California Cadet Corps

Written by Evan Morton, Cadet Corps and Freshman at Yosemite High School.

OAKHURST – The Yosemite High School California Cadet Corps program was founded by Brigadier General Edwin Alexander Forbes on April 5, 1911.

Now, the Yosemite High School Cadet Corps is part of the United States National Guard.

Cadet Corps is a special program for students who want to learn leadership skills, military knowledge and teamwork. It also teaches them to challenge themselves, to see what they can do, and will accomplish.

Cadet Corps 3 - photo by Ray Majeno EAST Class YHS 2013In Cadet Corps, students have a chance to march as one, go on bivouacs and do physical training (P.T.), which is what makes Cadet Corps count as a P.E. class. The P.T. instructors really push your body and mind to the limit.

There are two sayings in Cadet Corps; the first saying is “essayons” which means “let us try.” The second saying is “mind over matter,” which means you can do anything as long as you put your mind to it.

In Cadet Corps your fellow brethren and sisters (classmates) will not give up on you, no matter what situation you are in. They will always stand by your side; they are your family. That means you protect them and they will protect you.

Cadet Corps 4 - photo by Ray Majeno EAST Class YHS 2013The Cadet Corps helps out the community throughout the year. Students in Cadet Corps learn social skills in the process of helping out our community. They also learn how to park cars, help with vendors set-up, and members learn to take care of the elderly. Cadet Corps does events like presenting the colors at football games and other events like Patriot Day and Mountain Heritage Parade.

When presenting the colors, there is a certain way the Cadet Corps does it. Presenting the colors means presenting the American flag and the Californian flag. There is a group that presents the colors and that group is called Color Guard. Color Guard is made up of four people; there are two riflemen and two flag holders. Color Guard presents in a certain order: rifleman at left shoulder arms, American flag holder, California flag holder and rifleman at right shoulder arms.

Yosemite High School Cadet Corps Patriot Day 2013 - Photo by Virginia LazarWhen it’s time to present the flags, the rifle and California men salute the American flag. The riflemen are saluting with the rifles, the California flag holder is dipping his or her flag to show respect to the American flag.

Another great thing about the Cadet Corps is the way you get to dress. Of course some people don’t like it because it’s a “fashion disaster,” as some people say. The working clothes for the Cadet Corps is a uniform called the Class C (Charlie). It consists of a brown cap, white undershirt, brown blouse, brown pants, a black belt, and combat boots. This is the uniform we use for working parking duties and that type of event.

Mountain Heritage Days Parade 2013 - YHS Color Guard 1 - Photo by Kellie FlanaganThe Class B (Bravo) uniform consists of a blue cap, white undershirt, brown blouse, blue plants and either dress shoes or boots. This uniform is our special uniform for things like parades and football games. This is the type of clothing in which we would present the colors.

The last time we wore our Class B was at the homecoming football game. A great thing about Class B, other than presenting colors and other opportunities to represent the Cadet Corps, is that we get into events free as long as you wear the Class B.

Cadet Corps is a great way to learn about the military or programs like it and get the feel of what it would be like to be in the military. Cadet Corps also could help you get into a military college. It could help with a regular college as well because it shows organization and discipline.

YHS Senior Ray Majeno assisted with this story

Visit Yosemite Unified School District or the California Cadet Corps website

Cadet Corps 6 - photo by Ray Majeno EAST Class YHS 2013Cadet Corps 7 - photo by Ray Majeno EAST Class YHS 2013Cadet Corps 8 - photo by Ray Majeno EAST Class YHS 2013Cadet Corps 9 - photo by Ray Majeno EAST Class YHS 2013

Cadet Corps 5 - photo by Ray Majeno EAST Class YHS 2013

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