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Yosemite High School Band Notes

OAKHURST — The Yosemite High School (YHS) band started this school year on a high note thanks to school seniors Drum Major Hunter Murphy and Drum Captain Jeff Foster.

For their Senior Project, these two seasoned band members held a band camp during the summer to prepare high school students for marching shows and competitions.

The camp consisted of 22-plus hours of learning music, marching and having a great time.

They wrapped up with a Kick-Off Dinner for the kids and their parents. After dinner, the kids demonstrated their accomplishments for their proud parents.

YHS Band Camp practices on field 2013 - Photo by Steve MontaltoBesides the band camp, the kids have been practicing on the field in the evening once a week in preparation for their big half-time show at the YHS football game against Riverdale on Friday night, Sept. 13.

Come out and cheer for our football team and then enjoy the half-time show the band members have worked so hard on, “Batman Movie.”

YHS Band Camp parents watch from bleachers - 2013 - photo by Steve Montalto

See you in the YHS Band Camp takes the field 2013 - Photo by Steve Montaltobleachers!Seniors Drum Captain Jeff Foster and Drum Major Hunter Murphy with sophmore Meagan Montalto who is in training to be Drum Major - Photo by Steve Montalto

YHS Band practice for half time - Photo by Steve Montalto

YHS Band Camp percussionists practices on field 2013 - Photo by Steve Montalto


  1. Great article, …..but I cheer for the band, and then enjoy the football game 🙂

  2. The band is the reason I go to the football game!

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