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Yosemite Fire Update June 12

YOSEMITE – Recent thunderstorms over the Sierra Nevada mountains and Yosemite National Park has sparked several fires that are active and are being monitored for multiple objectives.

Precipitation associated with the recent lightning-caused fires has put some of them out.

The National Weather Service is predicting continued thunderstorm activity through this weekend at the Sierra crest. All the fires are being monitored by Yosemite National Park firefighters.

Here is a summary of current active Fires from Yosemite Fire Education and Information Manager Gary Wuchner:

Boundary Fire (37 45.778 x 119 40.502 – Mariposa Co., 8,000′, June 6). This fire is near Boundary Peak. A single red fir was struck by lightning. It is surrounded by granite and has low potential for growth.

South Fork Fire (37 47.965 x 119 40.5028, – Mariposa Co., 8,100′, June 6). This fire is approximately one half mile from Cascade Creek. A single red fir tree was struck but in an area of huckleberry brush and needle litter. This fire is on a northeast aspect and has low to moderate potential for growth. This fire has been visible occasionally from Crane Flat Helibase.

Yosemite Creek Fire (37 50.310 x 119 21.813 – Mariposa Co., 8,020′, June 7). This fire is near the footprint of the 2014 lightning caused Dark Hole Fire and Yosemite Campground Road. The fire is in red fir and huckleberry brush. It is surrounded by broken granite. Observed fire activity is low and smoldering in one down log.

Wheel Fire (37 55.430 x 119 27.873 – Tuolumne Co., 7,412′, June 8). This fire is near Glen Aulin High Sierra Camp and Waterwheel Falls. It is in a red fir, lodge pole and Jeffrey pine forest. It is on the south side of the Tuolumne River. Brush and ground forest litter was observed to be smoldering. It has low potential for growth.

Recent lightning caused fires that are out:

Parsons Fire (37 52.782 x 119 21.813 – Tuolumne Co., 8,500′, June 4). This fire was within the Tuolumne Meadows area, and east of Parsons Memorial Lodge. A single lodgepole pine tree was struck at the top. The fire was declared out June 12.

South Landing Fire (37 44.698 x 119 48.329 – Mariposa Co., 6,294′, June 7) this fire was a single ponderosa pine strike. This low elevation fire was put out.

Smoke from these fires may be visible from many locations within the park. Thunderstorm activity is predicted through the coming week and other fires may occur or be found.

Recent human caused fires:

• May Lake parking area was an out of bounds campfire and was put out.
• The Wood yard (Yosemite Valley) was an out of bounds camp fire and was put out.

All visitors are urged to use established campgrounds for fires. In all campfires, when departing, please be sure all fires are out.

For More Information:

• Fire information:, (209) 372-0480
• Yosemite Web:
• Yosemite National Park Web page: Yosemite Wildland Fire Facebook: -Wildland-Fire/12463296455395

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