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Variegated Meadowhawk photographed in Briceburg, Ca July 2016 - photo by Matthew Matthiessen

Yosemite Audubon Dragonfly Field Trip

AHWAHNEE — Ahwahnee Hills Regional Park supports more than a dozen species of odonates, aka dragonflies and damselflies, and most of these will be easily visible at the lake when the annual Yosemite Area Audubon Society (YAAS) dragonfly field trip takes place on Saturday, June 10.

The park is located on Hwy 49, just north of Wasuma School. Participants will meet at headquarters at 8 a.m.

Organizers say there will be a couple miles of easy walking, but they will be moving slowly as they search for damselflies along the edges of the path. The ultimate destination will be the lake on the northeast side of the park.

Some of the showy species such as Flame and Widow Skimmers like to perch in the open so bring your binoculars and camera if you’d like to try your hand at photography. If you have a net, bring it, as members attempt to catch some odes for close viewing. Also bring a hat, sunscreen, water, and snacks.

For those who are interested the group will try to visit an additional nearby site after Ahwahnee Hills to find a few more species to the days list. The trip will be done about noon so there is no need to bring lunch.

If you have questions or require additional information feel free to contact Matthew Matthiessen at Please confirm with Matthew if you are planning to attend, but if you decide to join at the last minute just meet the group there. Everyone is welcome.

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