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YHS Recognizes Outstanding Students

OAKHURST – Bring on the Badger Pride. Yosemite High School has announced recent Student of the Month title-holders and it’s a foursome of females notable in the academic world and beyond.

Exemplary individuals are regularly nominated by teachers and voted on by staff to represent a student body academic and participatory ideal. One by one, students are called into Principal Randy Seal’s to receive a certificate recognizing their hard work and contributions.

The program is supported by an area service club and a local market.

In November, the honor Student of the Month was bestowed to YHS Senior Katelyn Suderman, nominated by the Foreign Language Department, and acknowledged by the Oakhurst Sierra Sunrise Rotary.

“Katelyn is a Spanish 5 student at YHS, which means she started planning her high school career back in 8th grade.” There are only six students on the campus enrolled in Spanish 5, which puts Katelyn in a very elite group of students, according to her nomination. Katelyn is also very active in Mock Trial and the YHS Drama program. “She is a full IB candidate and has a reputation for working hard on the YHS campus. Her Spanish vocabulary is awesome and she remembers many words other students do not even know. We’re proud of Katelyn.”

She is a powerful student reads her nomination for Student of the Month YHS junior Clara Briley shown with Principal Randy Seals - Photo Credit YHSAlso in November, YHS Junior Clara Briley was nominated by the Math Department to receive the Grocery Outlet Student of the Month title. Clara is a full IB student, says her nomination, and beyond that she is “an energetic, positive young lady who is actively involved with student leadership and school life.” Clara is the clubs’ commissioner for the Associated Student Body, competes on the YHS Academic Decathlon team, and is an active member of several student clubs including CSF, Key Club, and Interact. “In her spare time, she is a dedicated and powerful student earning wonderful grades in her full load of IB classes – quite an impressive accomplishment! Beyond all that, she is an energetic, pleasant, funny and caring person, one who represents the best qualities of our Badger students.”

She has graciously given up her time to help other students with challenges says Allie Donnell's nomination for Student of the Month shown with Principal Randy Seals - Photo Credit YHSIn December, the Rotary student of the month was determined to be YHS Junior Allie Donnell, nominated by the Music Department. Allie has been extremely active in the music department, the nomination reads. “As President of the Band Council she has graciously given up her time to help other students with any challenges, attend numerous parent meetings, and even agree to learn a new instrument in order to benefit the entire ensemble.” Allie is well respected by her peers and other members of the music department staff, and has taken the time to build a strong rapport with other members of the program. The band has had several performances this past month and countless out-of-class rehearsals to prepare for all of these performances.

“Allie is usually one of the first to show up and the last to leave. The day of the football game against Sierra High School, she made it a point to reach out to the other members of the Sierra High School Band to make them feel welcome and maintain a friendly working relationship. She has a very strong work ethic that has been proven through the quality of her work, with her already busy schedule including cross country, band, and IB classes, she has been successful in maintaining her grades at a high level, having currently straight As in all of her classes.”

She is an excellent role model says Bella Flaherty's nomination for Student of the Month shown with Principal Randy Seals - Photo Credit YHSAlso in December, YHS Junior Bella Flaherty was nominated by the Foreign Language Department for Grocery Outlet Student of the Month. “Bella is an incredible student with a drive to be successful and knowledgeable in every rigorous course she takes,” says teacher Steve Browning. “As her Spanish Four instructor, I am always amazed at how much time she dedicates to mastering a foreign language. She progresses much faster through the materials than her peers and is an excellent role model.” Bella carries this same dedication to all of her demanding courses, according to the nomination, including the college course she is currently enrolled in at Fresno State University. “As a student, Bella Flaherty is the epitome of what a teacher could evision on how a perfect student behaves and performs.”


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