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Work Begins On North Fork Cell Tower

NORTH FORK – Residents of Cascadel Woods woke this morning to the welcome sights and sounds of work crews beginning construction on the new Verizon cell tower just outside the gate.

Since the conditional use permit for the cell tower was granted by the Madera County Board of Supervisors in early June of 2012,residents of the town of North Fork have been anxiously awaiting news about just when construction would begin. With the project now underway, it is anticipated that it will take about two months for completion.

The building of the tower has received huge support, not only from the residents of North Fork and Cascadel Woods, but also from the local Chamber of Commerce, the Madera County Sheriff’s Office, Madera County Fire, Eastern Madera Fire Safe Council and the U.S. Forest Service, among others.

At the Board of Supervisors meeting in June 2012, Mark Lobaugh of Complete Wireless Consulting described the new cell tower as a “sorely needed upgrade. The project will clearly result in improving the lives of residents in the North Fork area by providing access to a service that is enjoyed and expected by residents, travelers, merchants and emergency personnel service this community.”

Mono pine cell towerThe tower has been designed to minimize the visual impact of the site by positioning the tower some 750 feet up the hill from Road 233. It as been positioned with in a group of large pine trees, and a Mono-Pine design has been planned for the site.

Scott Marsh, owner of Slims Koffee Shak in North Fork, and president of the North Fork Chamber of Commerce, shared his thoughts at the June 2012 meeting.

“I’m not an economist, but I know that a couple of the foundations to building an economy are transportation and communication. As a small business owner, we sure would appreciate a leg up in the communication department.”



  2. Maybe a stupid question, but will AT&T subscribers receive any benefit? Just wondering there is any sharing of infrastructure for rural communities.

  3. Has there been any kind of update on this, as it has been more than 2 months?

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