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Winners Of Yosemite Short Film Contest

YOSEMITE – The first Youth in Yosemite Short Film Contest has announced its winners for 2014.

“We received a wide array of entries celebrating Yosemite from many different perspectives and through unique film styles,” say organizers. “Judging is always exciting and of course, a very difficult task, and we thank everyone who participated as a judge and honor all of the film producers for their creative work and participation.”

The pubic is invited to attend the celebration of the film producers and their creative work at the award ceremony and film screening, part of the larger Range of Light Film Festival.

The Yosemite Valley Theater will host the event on Saturday, Mar. 1, at 11:30 a.m., featuring 90 minutes of spectacular youth film work, a chance to speak with the film makers, and to applaud their creative vision.

“This special ceremony and screening is a family friendly event that is free, and we would love to see all of you there,” say organizers. “Congratulations to the 2014 winners! Special thanks to The Ansel Adams Gallery, the National Park Foundation and the Yosemite Conservancy for making this event possible.”

Please note, all other events in the Range of Light Film Festival do require a ticket purchase. Check out the website for more details at http://www.rolff.org/

And the winners are:

Category: Meaning of Yosemite

1st Place: Life Cycle, by Patrick Webster

2nd Place: A Story in Yosemite, by Alejandra Guzman

3rd Place: Alone I Might, by Tali Drohan

Honorable Mention: Yosemite Is A Place of Joy, a Place of Family, a Place to Get Inspired, by Jesus Dolores

Honorable Mention: Yosemite My Home, by Cecelia Valdonados

Honorable Mention, Best Collaborative Submission: Greeley Hill Kids Find Hidden History, by River Seal, Clan Polson, Colton Lessley, Cole Seal, Mercedes Martines, Lily Lessley

Honorable Mention, Sharing the Visitor Story: Yosemite is Our Home, by Dahlia Santiuste, Francisco Del Rio, Kianna Conger, Brock Sanders, Jr.

Category: Celebrating Nature

1st Place: Within the Valley, by Phillip Kennedy

2nd Place: Through Ansel’s Eyes, by Zachary Rich

3rd Place: Picturing Yosemite, by Rebecca Adams, Kerissa Morin, Hannah Schiff, Jessica Johnson

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