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Winery Sage: Touring Orvieto, Italy

The next morning we drove to Orvieto, a small hill town in Umbria that had been recommended by a number of people.

It sits up on a volcanic hill that has been inhabited for at least three thousand years. It retains all of its medieval character due to an unusual agreement between the German and English armies in World War II. The Germans proposed declaring it a “free city,” meaning everyone leaves without fighting. Each army moved 20 kilometers away and commenced the battle, leaving Orvieto unscathed.

Our small B&B was near the eastern entrance of the city with a super friendly family running it, who also had a small local eatery downstairs. After we got in, we were both hungry so we split a pizza downstairs and it was the best one we had in Italy. There’s nothing like eating at a local place instead of in a tourist area.

First visit was Pozzo-di-San-Patrizio, or St. Patrick’s Well, a deep communal well built in the early 1500s to supply water in case the city was besieged.

What’s really cool is that there are two different and parallel spiral passages around the outside of the walls. The two different paths allowed mules to go down, fill up with water and then continue in the other parallel passage so there was never a problem with them meeting, while going different directions.

The only problem is — 248 steps! I think it will take me less time to write this blog post than it took to climb down and up.

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Touring Orvieto

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