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Will The Undefeated Reign Of Staff Ever End?

O’NEALS — As the Minarets basketball team moves off the court this school year, a new team stepped on the court to defend their title when Minarets had the fourth annual Donkey Basketball game at 7 p.m. in the gym. Students who sold tickets had the opportunity to ride in this game against the staff.

While the staff dominated the first three quarters of the game, the students, led by juniors Michael Rezendes and Garrett Alford, dominated the fourth quarter to make the score 18-18 at the buzzer for the end of regulation. In a sudden death round, the Chawanakee Staff was victorious and continued their undefeated title in the Minarets FFA Donkey Basketball Fundraiser.


After the game, alumni and player Cody McDougald thoughts were “It was a good feeling to come home and help the FFA earn some funding while reminding the current students of the original leaders on this campus.” Overall it was a great event and everyone enjoyed a good game.

Even though the next game is almost a year away, the question remains: Will the undefeated reign of the Chawanakee Staff ever end?

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Michael Rezendes is a student at Minarets

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