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The SuperTanker, a converted 747-400 passenger jet - photo GLOBAL SUPERTANKER

Will The Largest And Fastest Firefighting Plane Soon Be Put To Work?

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. —  As fire officials on the Detwiler Fire made requests for more VLATs (Very Large Air Tankers), and people learned about this massive firefighting plane — the SuperTanker — just sitting on the ground because it hadn’t been approved to fight fires by the U.S. Forest Service, people got angry, and then they got vocal.

KKTV in Colorado Springs, Colo. is reporting today that “the U.S. Forest Service has given the Global Supertanker approval to fly, potentially opening up its ability to help fight fires in Colorado.”

KKTV 11 News is working to learn what this means for fires in Colorado and elsewhere in the country.

The Forest Service is still working on a contract with the giant aircraft that’s housed at the Colorado Springs Airport, but says the plane can fly in the interim.

We’re talking to the owners right now and will bring you updates as we learn more.

Check out these links below for more information on the SuperTanker and why it’s such a valuable resource. Then check back with KKTV to see what they learn.



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