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Wilderness Intern Ranger Positions On Sierra National Forest

SIERRA NATIONAL FOREST — Do you have what it takes to be a Wilderness Intern Ranger? Now is the time to apply if you’re up for the adventure.

Wilderness Intern Rangers are integral members of the wilderness team. Working in the Sierra National Forest’s spectacular wilderness areas, interns have the opportunity to take on most or all of the same duties as a full-time wilderness rangers.

Interns will be primarily working with a full-time-wilderness ranger, but may be required to work alone or with volunteer groups from time to time.

Prerequisite Skills

Excellent physical fitness required; backpacking and wilderness experience a plus!

The ability to backpack with 50+ lbs on your back for up to 9 days in steep terrain and high elevations.

Desire to learn about The Wilderness Act, wilderness ethics, and Leave-No-Trace (LNT) principles.

Basic computer and office skills for data entry, running reports, and filing.

An adventurous spirit.

Ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with both coworkers and members of the public.

Skills Typically Taught and Certifications Typically Received

❋ Crosscut saw course and certification

❋ Methods of making public contacts

❋ Radio communications

❋ First Aid/CPR Certification

❋ Leave-No-Trace (LNT) training

❋ Trail maintenance theory and techniques

❋ Campsite inventorying and rehabilitation

❋ Working with partners and other volunteers

❋ Documentation procedures for data collection

❋ Pack Stock (Horses & Mules) Training — Intern Rangers may be required to work with or around stock or may encounter stock users during the summer. Interns will be taught the basics of riding and handling stock as well as LNT techniques for wilderness stock use.

Your Job May Include:

❋ Patrolling wilderness to ensure use is in accordance with wilderness management plan

❋ Determining compliance with wilderness rules and regulations, providing education and information to the public

❋ Packing in all appropriate tools for clearing trails and maintaining them to standard

❋ Installation of wilderness signage

❋ Data collection using GPS, cameras, and written documentation to monitor wilderness usage type and frequency

❋ Organizing and processing collected data according to specified management protocols

❋ Campsite clean-up, maintenance, or naturalizing impacted areas

❋ Planning and coordinating with co-workers to complete assigned wilderness projects in a timely and efficient manner

Plan to work hard, have FUN, sweat a lot, hike many miles, meet new people, create lifelong friendships, and experience spectacular beauty…
…as a Wilderness Steward!


While no salary is included for internships, housing, a subsistence stipend, and all work-related vehicle travel will be provided. Reimbursement will be at the Forest Service subsistence rate of $40/day. Interns should expect to work nine days every two weeks.

Housing will be provided at one of four work centers: Glen Meadow, High Sierra, Minarets and Wishon. All four work centers are located on the Sierra National Forest and afford wonderful settings in which to spend the summer. They are equipped with living quarters, showers, bathrooms, laundry facilities, and kitchens.

Interns should be able to commit to start work on May 29, and work through Aug. 18, with an option to shorten or extend based on school schedules.

How to Apply

❋ Submit a Cover Letter and resume to no later than March 3, 2018.

❋ Cover Letter should state why you are interested and qualified for the position.

❋ Resume may exceed two pages and should include: Your contact information (phone, email, and mailing address); education (include dates); work history (include description of work accomplished and supervisor contact); Wilderness Ranger-related skills (e.g., conservation education, navigation & backpacking abilities, WFR, etc.); list any other training, skills, or certifications (include expiration dates) and any performance-based awards.

❋ Provide Wilderness travel experience, to include # of people/trip, trip locations, and # of days/nights spent on each trip.

Academic Credit

The Sierra National Forest Wilderness Program will work with interns to provide all necessary documentation and evaluations for credit towards internships at their respective schools. As the intern, it is your responsibility to discuss the potential for academic credit with your school, prior to the start of the summer.

About the Forest

The Sierra National Forest is located in Central California on the west side of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, a 45 minute drive from the Fresno/Clovis area. The Forest has approximately 578,500 acres of congressionally mandated wilderness within five separate wilderness areas: Ansel Adams, Dinkey Lakes, John Muir, Kaiser, and Monarch Wildernesses.


For additional questions or information, please contact Micki Didier at 559-855-5355 x3304 or by email at

For more information on the Ansel Adams, Dinkey Lakes, John Muir, Kaiser, and Monarch Wilderness areas you can visit

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