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Who's That Knocking At My Door?

Being city folks we built a cedar house when we move up to North Fork from Fresno, not realizing that there would be a lot of times when we would answer the knocking at the door and no one would be there. It’s been a losing battle with the acorn woodpeckers ever since, as they bang holes in the wood to stash their acorns, of which our trees donate an endless supply. We also quickly found out where the famous Woody the Woodpecker song originated. We also learned to distinguish male from female—The male sits on the couch watching the football game and drinking beer. The other way to tell them apart is by the red cap patch, which comes down further in front, as seen to the left. The one on the right is the female. All these woodpecker pics were taken through the windows of the house. –Keith


You can now easily discern the gender of all these below



This is the only one I’ve seen with this coloring


I used to grind my own dried corn for corn bread, and shared a few kernels, until we learned our lesson. See the final picture for the explanation


An intruder. Acorn woodpeckers are very social, which means that a lot of them can make a lot of noise at the same time


We can’t put out the sunflower seeds they love because they store them under the shingles
and you can see what the squirrels do to the shingles to get their hands (teeth) on them.
$1200 worth of damage to have the roof repaired.

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  1. Great pictures Keith! I just love your critter pictures and stories.

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