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Photo credit: Sabine Jordan-Lott

Where is your Favorite Dog Hike?


Photo by Debra Sutherland

We like to hike with our dogs, so where are those great dog hikes in our area?

You have seen my dog Sally tagging along with me on some of our hikes. Now is your turn to share your favorite dog hikes for inclusion in dog hikes in our area. I envision a living document that we can add more hikes along the line with some basic information on the hike.

I need your help on this. I need your hikes. The format below can be used to describe your hikes. If you right click on the form, you can save it but you won’t be able to fill in the blanks. There is also a link to the Word document that you can download and fill in the blanks at the end if that works easier for you. Don’t sweat it if you can’t figure out how to use either form. Just send me the info on it from your hike via email and and I would love to get a picture of your dog hiking. Here is the email where you can send all of this to me:  I am really looking forward to seeing your hikes and your hiking companions.

Dog Friendly Hiking Trails Information


Photo by Sabine Jordan-Lott

An SNO reader, Sabine suggested the idea to put together dog hikes in our area and I want to give a big thank you to her for also putting together this Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails Information sheet and here is a direct link to it.  Dog-Trail-Info-Sheet


Photo by Debra Sutherland





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