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What's A Plecostomus And Why Would You Need To Trade One In?

To answer that question I turned to the folks at Steve’s Tropical Fish. Steve and his wife Kristin opened their doors in Oakhurst in May of 2012, after moving from their previous location in Coarsegold.

A Plecostomus, more commonly known as a pleco, is an algae eater which can be found Plecostomusin most fresh water fish tanks. You can see them “vacuuming” the walls of your aquarium, keeping things nice and clean. Steve will let you trade one that has outgrown its tank for a smaller one.

Steve’s Tropical Fish has many different varieties of fresh and saltwater fish, and all the tank and pond supplies you could ever imagine, from plants to lighting. If you like, Steve will even do all the work for you and set up the tank or pond of your dreams.

For kids there is a birthday club, and by signing up kids get a free fish valued up to $10.00 during the month of their birthday!

Steve has taken a childhood fascination with fish and, with help from his wife, turned it into the job of his dreams. We should all be so lucky!

If it’s advice about fish or supplies you need, Steve and Kristin invite everyone to stop in and see their store. They will be happy to answer any questions you might have about improving an existing tank or starting from scratch.

Steve’s Tropical Fish is another perfect example of things available in our mountain communities that you might never have imagined. Think Local First!


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