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What Do You Know About Your Pet And Fleas?

Meet “Buster” the Myth Buster from All Creatures Veterinary Hospital –


MYTH #1: My pet doesn’t have fleas because I can’t SEE any.

FALSE! Most of the time the problem is in the pet’s environment. One female flea can lay 200 eggs over just 5 days and these drop off the pet into your house and yard. These eggs are not killed by the collars, spot-ons, or sprays.MYTH #2: Fleas do not survive the winter here in the mountains.

FALSE! Fleas can exist in the egg cocoon form for more than 6 months and when temperature and humidity rise they hatch and re-infest the pet’s environment.

MYTH #3: The best flea control is found in spot-on and collar products.

PARTIALLY TRUE since these products will work on the adult fleas feeding on your pet. The error is in thinking that the problem is solved with just something ON the pet, but that does not address all those eggs, larva, and baby fleas in your house and yard!

MYTH #4: Flea products are not safe for cats.

PARTIALLY TRUE since cats are sensitive to a lot of chemical products, so you have to be sure the label says it is for use on or in cats. There are safe products specifically labeled for cats that provide good control. Following label directions is imperative for proper coverage.

MYTH #5: My pet has fleas but they don’t bother her so it’s not a problem.

FALSE. If your pet doesn’t itch, that is great, she is not allergic to fleas. However, there are other diseases that can be spread through this nasty little insect, like tapeworms and blood parasites.

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Dr. Eileen Bissmeyer is the veterinarian at All Creatures Veterinary Hospital, 4953 Falcon Lane, in Mariposa. She will be sharing the facts about common myths concerning the care and health of creatures great and small on our Pets page. 209-966-3964

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