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We Are Grateful For Child Care Providers

Submitted by ICES —

MARIPOSA COUNTY — As the season of gratitude approaches, we at Infant/Child Enrichment Services (ICES) would like to suggest taking a moment of grateful reflection for child care providers in our county.

These hard working individuals allow parents to work, worry-free, with the knowledge that their children are safe and well-cared for.

When parents can focus on the task at hand, their employer benefits from a more reliable and focused work force. When businesses are running optimally, consumers are happier. It’s a positive cycle that helps keep communities flourishing.

Parents have often expressed gratitude for the consistency and care given to their children by local providers. Many child care providers, especially in a small town like Mariposa, often become like family, even if they are not already a biological family member.

Children, parents and providers alike benefit from the family-like setting of Family Child Care Homes. Child Care Centers also provide care in a similar manner, but provide a different kind of learning environment for children.

We at ICES are grateful for the opportunity to work with and support quality local child care providers, and in doing so, also support working parents. Because of a lack of licensed child care programs in the area, some parents are unable to begin a new job or even get to an interview. ICES has the opportunity to work with people who are interested in pursuing a family child care license and providing support throughout the licensing process.

Local providers have expressed appreciation for the classes and training offered by ICES throughout the licensing process and beyond, plus access to our lending library and training materials, and a place on our referral list, if desired. New providers may be eligible for reimbursement of some, or all, of the cost involved with obtaining a child care license.

In addition to support and assistance with licensure, ICES can also provide FREE referrals to existing child care programs, and assistance with paying for child care.

As grateful as we are for our existing child care providers, Mariposa is in desperate need of more people willing to provide care. If you, or anyone you know, may be interested in this rewarding career, may benefit from any of the services listed above, or simply need ideas on how best to show appreciation to your child care provider, please contact:

Infant/Child Enrichment Services
e-mail at
or stop by our office at 5067 Jones Street in Mariposa.

There is no such thing as a bad time to appreciate someone, and this season is an especially appropriate time to show just how much you value your child care provider. Bring her or him a flower from your garden, have your child make some art or a card specifically for his or her provider, invite them to dinner, even a kind word of appreciation can go a long way.

Show a provider how much you appreciate their efforts this year with a kind word or gesture.

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