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Wawona Pine Needle Pickup

WAWONA – Residents will have a chance to clear their properties of all those dry pine needles on June 9 – 13 as County services are made available to scoop them up and haul them away.

This is a service paid for by property owners in Wawona, so everyone is encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to get rid of pine needles and reduce fuels in advance of fire season.

Here are some guidelines for preparing for pick-up:

1. Place materials adjacent to roadways so they can be accessed easily with front loaders.

2. Material must be in place PRIOR to event week.

3. Only vegetation material will be picked up. No household garbage, construction materials or large/longer than 3 feet branches, please.

4. Only one pile per property, and it should be placed away from trees or other obstructions so that the loader can pick up the material. If your needle pile is between or against trees/rocks, it will necessitate hand loading the material into the loader or dump truck, slowing down the process and unnecessarily delaying the pickup of needle piles for the total community of Wawona.

5. The County services are available for one week only.

6. Wawona property owners pay for the service. Yosemite National Park, DNC & UC Merced properties are not included in the pick-up.

7. If your address is on an out-of-the-way street or you have any questions, call or e-mail Greg Ollivier, Solid Waste Manager at 209-966-5165 or his cell phone at 209-742-3263 or email gollivier@mariposacounty.org. That way your pile won’t be missed. This helps the County staff serve as many as possible during the time allotted.

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