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Warning – Don’t Fall For This Netflix Scam

CALIFORNIA – The California State Sheriff’s Association is warning people of the very latest scam, this one concerning Netflix.

Citizens are warned to please be aware that a very convincing fake email is targeting millions of Netflix subscribers.

The subject line says, “Your suspension notification,” and the email contains the Netflix logo.

According to Mailguard, a web security company, there is also a link that takes subscribers to a fake Netflix page seeking login information and a credit card number.

Aside from the error with the recipient name field, this email looks quite convincing. The message tells the intended victim that their Netflix billing information has been invalidated and urges them to update their details on the website.

If the recipient clicks the link in the email they are taken to a fake Netflix page, that asks them to log in and then enter their personal information, including credit card details.

Of course, this website is completely bogus and is just a mechanism for the scammers to steal the victim’s identity and credit card information.

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