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Ladies Night Out For Angels & Whiskey

OAKHURST – Area author Kimberly Knight will be signing her newest romantic novel at Branches Books and Gifts in Oakhurst on Thursday, Mar. 26, from 6 – 8 p.m. at an author’s event billed as Ladies Night Out.

Kimberly Knight’s newest book is Angels & Whiskey. Here’s a taste:

“United States Army Captain Gabriel Hastings knew he would always follow in his grandfather’s footsteps. Serving his country was his destiny. Until he fell in love…”

Knight’s bestselling books range from romantic in nature to super-spicy, with passionate lovemaking, and lots of it.

“When Gabe’s love affair is cut short, he turns to whiskey for comfort and swears he will never fall in love again. Until he bumps into an unexpected angel…”

The very first series of books she’s written is more erotic than the others, says Knight, except maybe the book that was just released. While the books are published under Contemporary Romance, not erotica, they do contain explicit sex. The author first started writing in the fall of 2012.

“I didn’t start because I wanted to publish a book. I started to see if I could finish writing a book.” Knight has written nine books since then.

Kimberly Knight is the bestselling author of novels including the newest release Angels & Whiskey 2015

“When I first started writing, I lived in San Jose and worked as a paralegal/office manager for a family law firm. It took me three months to write my first book, Where I Need to Be, and then as I wrote the second book in the series Wanted, I had surgery and went on disability.”

Moving to Coarsegold four months later, Knight never returned to work as a paralegal and has been writing ever since. A complicated medical history hasn’t prevented her from pursuing dreams; instead, it’s informed her writing in some interesting and specific ways.

Knight’s first series is made of up six books, three of which tell a story from the heroine’s perspective and the other half are novellas written from the hero’s point of view. Her second series is two books at the moment, though the prolific scribe has plans for more.

The Halo Series currently has Tattooed Dots, about Brooke and Easton, loosely based on me and my medical issues,” Knight explains. “Book two, The One, is about Brooke and Easton’s best friends, Avery and Nicole. The two books have almost the same timeline, but The One goes a little beyond where Tattooed Dots ended.”

She’s working on the third book in the series now and has plans for a fourth. Meanwhile, Knight is busy promoting her newest sensation, Angels & Whiskey, just released Mar. 9. There is no charge to attend the Author’s Event at Branches books on Thursday, Mar. 26 at 6 p.m.

Angels and Whiskey is a standalone about a guy with a past that haunts him,” Knight quotes from her promo material, tempting readers with the juicy gist of it. “The girl’s present is hell and their future is … well, you have to read it to find out!”

Kimberly Knight's spoiled cat Precious curled up by the fire - courtesy KK 2015While Knight is in the midst of book signings and other business, she loves coming home to her place near the lake, complete with husband Ben and cat Precious.

“Precious is very spoiled! My husband and I try to explain to her that there are cats that live outside in the cold while she is toasty by the fireplace.”

Living in the mountains, Knight appreciates the quiet and solitude, but is frequently afflicted with a modern malady that’s common to writers and others across the globe.

“What would help is if I didn’t have ADHD when it comes to Facebook. It seems that I write a paragraph and have to check Facebook to make sure I didn’t miss anything in the two minutes I was away. I do love living where there isn’t city noise. I have written outside and that’s nice.”

Fortunately Knight spends enough time inside working that her fans have something beside the bed to read at night. Some say that reading romance and erotic literature can safely give a woman a completely different outlook on … life.

Kimberly Knight with husband Ben - courtesy of KK 2015“I’ve actually have fans thank me for writing such hot scenes,” Knight notes, daring to go where others may not. “I think as romance authors, we try to make everything seem ‘pretty’ or build up a fantasy which results in wives looking at their spouse differently. When I say ‘pretty,’ I mean the male region down below, and being in the cloud that men aren’t always burping and farting,” laughs the author. “We read a book or just a scene, look at our spouse and think, ‘they can do exactly what we just read.’ Maybe they can. Maybe they can’t, but it gets the juices flowing if you know what I mean.”

Ladies Night Out at Branches Books for Kimberly Knight

Branches Books is located at 40282 Highway 41 Suite #14, in Oakhurst.

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